Is anyone there?


I’ve been trying to contact support through email and online web forms to get a status for an order I placed 4 weeks ago (Order: SO6261). I haven’t heard a thing since placing it (and paying) and noone will respond to my messages. This is really poor customer service. All I want to know is if it has been shipped yet.

Can someone please get in touch with me.



Hi welcome to pimax forum! I have invited 2 pimax team members whom should be able to look into your order. @Konger & @Matthew.xu


I’ve had the same issue. I contacted support regarding little sparkles on my 5K+. They asked for a video which I managed to capture the issue and sent it on the 15th, and the 21st, but I haven’t received a response since.

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Sorry for the late reply. The team will reply you asap, thank you for your support.

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Sorry for the inconvenience. Please send to me the ticket number, thank you.

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The ticket has now been responded to thanks. One of the items was out of stock (comfort kit).

It doesn’t seem like anyone is monitoring the sales order messaging system. Perhaps you should remove it and redirect people to your ticketing system?

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