Is it just me or has it been slower around here for for the last 6 months?

I haven’t been as active on these forums as I was a year ago. But usually I would come here every day and see dozens of new topics. But I was away for like 2 months and came in to like 3 or 4 new topics.

This whole week it just seems like nobody is very active.

Pitool hasn’t been updated in like forevor.

News on PE has been basically a trickle.

What’s up has everyone just gotten tired?


Yep, it does seem pretty quiet. Not sure why.


It’s just kind of a slow time for VR right now outside of a bunch of rumor mills. We don’t have anything concrete that’s coming. There has been a long time since a major game released that got the whole VR community wanting it, save RE4 VR and Lone Echo 2 but the former is Quest 2 exclusive so even Revive can’t save that.

There’s just not a whole lot to talk about right now on the VR front. I expect that to change within the next few months, hopefully. Pimax is teasing another big announcement, FB is having the major event this month, HTC is releasing something.


The big Pimax announcement is true. I can’t share any info (and I don’t have much) and I’m honestly not sure how “big” it really is (or when it will be officially announced). How do I know? They asked me to make a Q/A video for it, but I had to promise not to mention any details.


I don’t use mine that much, given their dumb decision to make it so only one eye can see clearly at a time (i.e. anyone with an IPD under 65 is screwed with this thing). So I don’t come here that much anymore.

Should have bought it off amazon for an easy return. Live and learn.


‘third-party Capsense, Joystick nor extra “B” button were not properly supported by SteamVR today’

At best, VR is still held back by a very badly designed legacy proprietary codebase that is constantly at risk of more breaking updates.

That will change, but until it does, there seems to be less for people to get interested in.

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Hmm that doesn’t sound too promising. I had hoped for a new headset (with new lenses!!!) but by the sound of this it’s more likely a software thing


It might include a new headset, but I don’t think new lenses are imminent. I’m not sure of the full extent of the announcement.


It seems like a new headset ( same 8 KX) with all accessories included; eye tracking, hand tracking, controllers,etc. With a special and super badass price :rofl::rofl::rofl:.

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Hmm that would be too bad. Lenses are really Pimax’s weak link. But I always got the impression too that pimax doesn’t seem to think it is a part that they should improve. Really too bad


Hmm, another big announcement.:angry: Probably an 8KX Super/Plus

The way Pimax has been letting down their customers by not honoring their current product promises, what they might be surprised to find out is that we may not be so trusting of future products/promises.

To be fair oculus made that same dumb decision with the RiftS. At least in Pimaxes defense their ultra wide fresnels might have forced them to make a headset only I can use :rofl:

OpenXR will solve this soon enough

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Um, not everyone. My near IPD is 62mm (measured by ophthalmologist) and it’s fine for me.

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Some people are blaming the VR lull, and that could be part of it. But that doesn’t explain why things at Pimax seem slower.

I was alluding to within Pimax community itself.

@SweViver has ghosted us for months now( i know new baby)

We went from Pitool once a month to Pitool once or twice a year.

PE was once a week at some point and now i cant remember when we got an update or a firmware improving things.

If pimax doesnt excite its own community with updates I guess the community has nothing to talk about.

I mean I owned an oculs Rift for 4 years and maybe posted on their forums once or twice. But thats because their product “just worked”

So either Pimax has stopped working so hard to improve their software because they think its perfect and we all agree OR Pimax have pseudo abandoned us in pursuit of their next big thing.


To be honest I’ve been jerked around this Pimax ride for so long and have nothing but a wide fov HMD ,controllers I never asked for and $2000 + Pimax related expenses to show for it.

The sword joystick thing broke me. I just want off now.


My faith in a Chinese company has in a way recently been restored by my experience with WinWing who produce this excellent quality Heli collective that is all metal and arrived within 2 weeks of purchase. No fuss no bs no issues no delays no excuses no delayed updates no kickstarter no coupons no downgrading no endless forum visits.




It will be of interest to you.


Well, damn. I think you’ve just really peaked everyone’s interest with that reply.


content is king. this week there is certainly no news.

Hehe for sure!! An improved 8k-X with new lens design would definitely be an instant buy here!! Currently my VR3 is my daily driver but even that headset has just too many downsides. Way too much distortion, it’s too heavy and FoV is too small. So if Pimax releases a better headset I’m going to jump on that train as fast as I can :slight_smile: