Is PE Development Continuing?

@SweViver @arminelec

It’s been a long time since we’ve heard anything about the state of PE development. Any chance of an update?


First, I’d like to apologize for the long delay of the upcoming update. I sincerely hope it has not caused any unnecessary trouble to anyone.

I had planned on making a post about the delay this coming Friday, Feb 19th, both here and on my Patreon.

The short answer:

Yes! PE development is still going forward, has not stopped and you will receive the 0.85 update in a week or two.

The longer answer:

I have worked all my time in December (incl. during the holidays) and January on PE Cloud Profiles feature. The Internal Alpha of this build was ready in Jan 2021, was tested and improved.
On Feb 1st, the Internal Beta was ready (and published) to be tested (internally by anyone from Pimax). I have not received any bug reports since then.

The Public Beta build (which everyone uses) is scheduled to be released by the end of Feb 2021.

@SweViver has had an extremely busy time in the past couple of months and I believe he still has. So much so that the last time we spoke was at the begining of Feb. I believe you will hear from him later.

I also have and will [unfortunately] have a very busy life schedule ahead due to recent unexpected events and housing situations (perhaps I need someone next to me to take care of my communications with everyone!) Nevertheless, my contributions to the project and improving your experiences will continue.

Having said that, I appreciate your patience and your continues support!

I will make an announcement by the end of Feb to ask anyone with proper knowledge of the games they play, the game profiles they create, considering their Pimax headset, to join me later as Editors and create the first batch of cloud profiles. The server is up and running: , however, I will manually mark those of you who wish to contribute, as an Editor. More details will follow in the announcement.

If you have any questions, I will be live again on Twitch ( ) where you can ask me anything.

Once again, I apologize for the delay and lack of communication. I hope you will enjoy the incremental updates coming after the upcoming 0.85, even more!

Armin :heart:


Appreciate your hard work, guys.


Thank you @arminelec - I’m really looking forward to hearing how cloud profiles will work. I will be happy to contribute within the limits of my technical knowledge.


Thank you, you guys are really great. The only thing I would wish for is more info on how to use all the settings.


To be honest, I do not have any complaint about PE development progress and rather satisfied with the current state of PE program knowing the fact that it is outcome of hardwork by those two contributors. ( Don’t know if Armin is getting paid enough from Pimax for voluntary work .)

What I don’t understand is what Pitool developers are doing for key features such as program stabilization, refresh rate enhancement, compatibility improvement, the bug elimination to name a few.

Does Pitool development team consist of less then two people?

Looking back to the PIMAX 4K era, one of big advantage of PImax was rapid driver updates (Piplay program) but it doesn’t seem to be a case any longer.

Thank you very much for you kind words. It has been a pleasure working on PE and improving its users lives in a small way. I can only hope a small amount of satisfaction and less hassle on each user’s life, will lead to more productivity, relaxation, well-spent time and eventually a better world.

And to be clear about my contribution, I (a.k.a artArmin) have been working on my own ideas and projects for the past few years, and do not have any job contract with Pimax and have not nor am getting paid for the amount of work I have done. I do like the new Pimax headsets and am a VR enthusiast, designer and developer who has been fortunate enough to own and/or try-out almost all headsets available in Europe, to date. If one day Pimax decides to approach me with an offer to lead their technical teams, I will welcome it with open arms.

I do however, thanks to @SweViver and the Pimax team, received an 8KX recently, as a gift, along with hand tracking and eye tracking modules, with a beautifully written thank you note from Pimax for my efforts, as well as to help me with future PE development.

I am grateful to see the positive feedback from you all! :heart:


Good. That’s the least they could do.


Good to see that they gave you an 8KX, although what you and Sweviver have done is definitely worth more than that. The PE software is quite literally a game changer in the ease of use for the Pimax headsets. I had a 5k+ previously prior to getting an Index. The ease of use of the Index made it easy for me to sale my 5k+ even though I did miss the larger FOV. When I got an 8KX and started using PE I realized that the ease of use felt just as good as what I got from my Index. Needless to say, I sold the Index and haven’t missed it one bit from an ease of use perspective. PE Software is already really great in it’s current state!


That’s a shame!
Your work has made a huge difference to the “Pimax Experience”! I don’t mean just the software: the hardware and software combine to make the “Pimax Experience”. This is the overall impression that someone gets when using the product. This is also a measure of a product’s “sellability”. A great product with lousy software will sit on a shelf.

The fact that Pimax does not seem to appreciate the value of your work is disturbing but not surprising. I hope they change your status soon, they did (I think) for SweViver…


They should hire you man. In a heartbeat.


+100 to the remarks above…

Your work on Pimax Experience has been absolutely fantastic, having already shaped up to everything I could have hoped for. We appreciate your efforts!

EDIT: Everything I could have hoped for, indeed including a built-in ‘Virtual Desktop’, support for ‘bat’ files, amazing depth of functionality here, really!


Pimax should really split off 5% of that 20 mil investor funds to you two for your work.

No doubt stocks at Pimax Increase with every release you push.

Even naysayers are stopping to say .“hmm that software looks good now maybe I can’t laugh at pimax anymore” because of you and @SweViver 's work.


Thank you all for your kind words!

I created the post regarding Editors, today. Feel free to reply. I already think I know a few of you who fit the criteria. Nevertheless, I will await anyone who wishes to contribute to contact me as mentioned in the post.

p.s. If the forum moderators believe it should be moved to another category, let me know (or feel free to move it).


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