Is the store forum working for anyone? Lot's of 404s

When trying to read most of the topics in the store sub forum i just get 404 :frowning:

few examples of non-working 404:

some are working though:

Even posting there is not possible atm, getting 403 (denied) when trying to submit my post.
Logged in and verified e-mail address…


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Same as you, their forum is broken.


Hello Rothman.

We did check on the links you shared. But it does work fine on our browser.

Did you try to access it with other browser?


No, for me its definitively not browser related, checked with IE, Edge and Chrome.
Not working at home nor at work internet connection.

As you can see nicely in my post above even the OpenMR forum could not access them as it did not generate previews just of the 404 links…

Wagnard confirmed facing the same.

Thx for checking so quickly. I mean the store forum is not THAT important anyhow but if you have one, it should work for all i guess :slight_smile:


Hello Rothman,

We assume our web developer has fixed this problem, as we found out it was caused by the domain’s issue.

Indeed, some users are posting topic on that Forum too.

Have a nice day.


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Hi Quorra, thx for your reply.

403 Error when posting a new thread is gone now!
But then i cannot even access my just created post :wink:

(also openmr forum cant preview this link again)

All examples from first post still bring me 404 error at home and at work connection.
Since you mentioned domain i’ve also tried using google and cloudflare as DNS servers > no change.

Maybe others can comment if the problem persist for them aswell @Wagnard

Update 16.02.
All seems working fine now :wink: