Is there a "mark all read" feature?

@Heliosurge Given that a Pimax employee is spamming every thread with sometimes irrelevant posts, a “mark all read” feature would be useful. Is there one, or can one be enabled?


Not sure will look into this. Agreed he is bumping old topics as well.

If you select “Unread” category at the top, it will list all unread messages and also produce a button “Dismiss”. What it does however was not clear to me as it offered something like “stop tracking all messages so they will never appear again” checkbox, which I was too scared to check and it did not “unmark” the new messages either.

I believe another problem with Pimax spam is that a new post to the thread automatically bumps the thread to the top, so even if you make all of them read, they will still remain at the top of the forum.


This should be resolved now. Just a new member learning how the forum functions.

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There’s also “dismiss new” button in “new” posts.

Here’s something possibly useful info for you guys:

BTW @Troz I will move this thread to the “general” category, as it doesn’t fit in to hardware category so to speak.


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Thanks all.

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