Is this a new super fast amd gpu

Is this a new super fast amd gpu

Really hope amd will give nvidia some competition and bring overblown gpu prices down


I’m a fan of AMD. Disrupting the monopoly Intel has with CPU’s and Nvidia with GPU’s. I hope news of this will get Pimax to push harder for AMD support and AMD to implement more VR tech compatibility.


Nvidia are way too comfortable with small improvements and large price hikes


this will pair nicely with an 8kx. :wink:
would be nice if the eyetracking worked with it, but at that powerlevel its not realy mandatory anymore.

Waiting to know when AMD supports at least one of the following.

  • Smart Smoothing equal to NVIDIA.
  • CrossFire forced on VR apps at the driver level.
  • Double RTX 2080 Ti performance outright.

If none of those conditions are met, then I cannot see how AMD could adequately support any VR app other than VirtualDesktop with the Pimax Vision 8kX.

I have not read this article but have been reading about this benchmark result from various sources.

It is a super fast AMD mobile APU with an unknown GPU.

Clever people have worked out the APU is a 4800H, so the first takeaway is a next gen mobile APU is thumping top end Intel desktop CPU’s. That said I have not seen any comments on how much of a part the CPU plays in this benchmark.

Clever minds have also pointed out there is an issue with the way the benchmark reports hardware where in the case of the ES APU with an unknown GPU the GPU would be incorrectly identified as an AMD GPU even if it is not an AMD GPU. So it could even be Intel or Nvidia.

Reddit posters pointed out some obvious things. It could be a third party laptop manufacturer testing their next gen laptop with an eGPU offering. But how likely is it that anyone would have access to both a ES APU and an ES Nvidia card to test together? Therefore odds are we are looking at Big Navi with a unlikely possibility we could be looking at the next gen console APU.

If it is Big Navi and if the next 3080 actually hits the rumoured twice the performance then we would be looking at the same gap between AMD and Nvidia next generation as there is this gen.

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