It feels like my 8KX pre-order will never arrive

No matter how much time passes, it feels like my 8KX pre-order will never arrive. I’m feeling completely hopeless.

I don’t know why I continue checking.


Just trust it is coming.


It’s hard. The G2 is likely to arrive before the 8KX.


Quite possible either way. Just think of a race to the starting line. First one there gets first impression rights. :thinking::sweat_smile:

Personally I do think the G2 may wow for clarity but will feel too restricted with the low FoV when compared to other gen1 headsets. Plus you have already tasted wide FoV.

Wide FoV is true for some it’s not a big deal, while others appreciate the more complete feeling wide fov offers even with some tradeoffs.


Pimax is not being honest with us anymore. The lack of transparency and reading between the lines of the weekly updates, I can immediately tell it’s gonna be at least another 2 or 3 more months :frowning: maybe even 2021. They are acting the same way like they did in beginning of July or August which is a bad sign.


You are not the only one. I’m feeling the same exact thing. My order #SO5625, November 5th and nothing yet. @PimaxQuorra please can you check.


You’re becoming @generic #2 :stuck_out_tongue:

My advice is to enjoy the headsets you have now, because there may be features you like in those more than the 8KX, and vice versa of course. The gameplay will be the same. I did hold off on some of the games I knew would benefit from the X(the slower eye candy games with lots of details), but all my “regular” games are the same, just sharper, but also not as vibrant (hoping for that backlight feature people keep talking about). Also waiting on the KDMAS for better sound for those games…hopefully it’s good enough and I don’t have to order the DMAS…See, I already have my X and I’m still waiting for the future…enjoy what you have now!

Edit Might have to walk back the vibrancy issue since a new Pitool just came out recently to help “color brightness.”


Come on man… :rofl: It’s a toy…

I’m looking forward to it like a child for Christmas Eve, but obsessing over it isn’t going to change anything… :+1::upside_down_face:

Just keep checking, or don’t… Maybe You’ll be surprised when it shows up unannounced… :rofl:


It’s a toy I spent my hard earned money on 10 months ago with nothing to show for it.


Sure, but “hopeless” seems a bit dramatic… :upside_down_face:

I’m checking several times a day too… :wink:


So did I, 3 years ago!


They probably meets the need of bussines partners and as usually we are at the end of the list. I will never preorder again. Thanks Pimax for this lesson.


Okay. 3 years, I’m glad you got your HMD and that’s good for you, but that’s an overused point on this forum and for some reason is constantly used to shut up the opinions of newer/more recent buyers like they’re invalid… All that does is prove his point. The wait and the constant shifting of goalposts is unacceptable and the risk is absolutely still there. His concern is valid given the cost and the track record of the company with the 8KX.

You have your headset now, your wait is over, you’re no longer concerned with the same thing he is or anyone else that’s waiting for a headset is. As a result you are in a different mindset than him or anyone else that’s waiting. You no longer have to worry about something you spent a lot of money on getting to you 2 months later than expected every 2 months… You no longer have to worry about being skipped in line…

It’s like when there’s a really difficult exam and you study and stress hard for it, you’re scared about the test. Then you finally take it and when it’s done you say “you know what, it wasn’t THAT bad” immediately forgetting the absolute nightmare you had studying for it the weeks before. Then you go around telling other people “eh the test was fine, the studying isnt that bad, the test isnt that bad, you’re fine” as if that changes how they feel about the test. Remember how you felt before you got your HMD, put yourself back in their shoes, actively waiting and worrying. Funny how people forget…


It’s actually a bit too early to conclude major delays are coming but I feel the same. My fedEx eyetracker label has been printed almost two weeks ago but no pickup. No label for my X either.

And a few months ago I already predicted an August delivery which was already pushing the Pimax schedule back. Now that we are way past that my feelings about all this have massively sunk.

The only thing keeping me happy is knowing how good the thing will be as I tried it in Amsterdam last year. Which is also a reason I don’t like my 5K+ as much anymore…


Yes a “toy” that costs 1500 bucks or more, has one of the most messed up logistical processes ever, and requires you constantly checking the forums for months/years after your purchase to know:

A: When you’re getting it / how long the delays are
B: If theres an issue with the HMD
C: If you’ve been skipped in line

That’s far from an easy or stress free process. So it makes sense that he’d be stressed about having to do this charade for 1, 2, 3 or even more months. While I do think hopeless might be an extreme term, it’s not entirely far off. Analyze the rest of his point rather than try to laugh it off.


Obsessing over it changes nothing, at all… That’s my point.

I’m not saying it’s “OK” that Pimax took our money 10 months ago, but constantly saying they won’t make any deadlines, calling them liars and whining about it is just tiresome. We’re all waiting for bleeps sake! :sleeping::woozy_face:

Being negative in just about every single post gets kinda annoying in the long run and if someone does that it gets hard to ignore after a few months (well years if You count all the KS moaning too)…

The “hopeless” part was what triggered me… Come on… That’s a tiny bit dramatic… :sob:

I’ll leave You guys to it… :+1:

Enjoy the negativity spiral…


I just needed some cathartic release by making this thread, that’s all. Got most of the negativity out of my system.


I hope it works then… :+1::upside_down_face:

Atleast your going to get your headset in the next few weeks. Because my headset wasn’t in the first few batches of shipments I literally will not get it for another 6 months. I leave in just a couple days and will not be home for my headsets arrival which is probably going to happen right after I leave.

Use that for some comfort lol


You really need to quit your job and get a new one :rofl: