It's Official Pre-Orders Shipping Before Backers - Are you Bothered though?

My guess is they realized fulfilling all 8ks would cost to much and came up with a cheaper alternative.


Also losing a few surveys here and there.


They only have one production line - it can only produce 5k+, or it can produce 8k, or it can produce 5kBE. If they manufactured extra 5k+ units for preorders, that means they chose to do that before producing 8k units for Kickstarters, delaying those shipments. So yes, they should wait until all backers have a headset in their hands, because they are choosing to either delay Kickstarter users or delay preorderers. It’s not “extremely inefficient” to wait because of that. If they had two or three production lines your point would be valid, but they don’t.

They chose to delay Kickstarter units pledged over a year ago so that they could ship units to people who preordered within the last couple months, after they had said they wouldn’t do that.

You mean lost all KS info?


Hmm that kicks even more sentiment into it ,we want to double check

I don’t believe anybody outside of Pimax can speak with confidence about the topic, their production facility is secured and has blacked out windows. We have different information from different people.

Not all but a large percentage of the December surveys and some are still not confirmed to this day.

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I think they did mass mailings in face of a lack of individual English language capabilities. The amateurish communication surely has several root causes, mainly language gap I guess. Just think about the trouble ticketing system, it was an afterthought because they were forced to I think.
There is the online shipping doc with all backers numbers. In case there’s sth. wrong it’s an individual thing to check with Pimax support and escalation to Michael or other senior staff in case it’s not easily solvable.
But still, IMO a few individual cases can not be generalized and stop em from serving other customers where things didn’t go wrong so far…

We don’t know if it’s individual cases. I would think so if there were exceptional circumstances for some reason, like being on the more info required-list. But the question is if even a majority of backers have received their sets at this point.

I have stayed with the 8k that I backed right from the beginning, and I am perfectly fine with them shipping pre-orders. In my view, the more they ramp up prior to shipping mine, the more bugs worked out and the better my chance of getting a quality QA person who checked it.

As an aside, no, I have nothing to use in the meantime. this will be my first vr hmd, so I am as anxious as everyone else.


After the delays, vague bullshit and UK backers getting shafted, damn right we want our headsets before those who never had to put up with a damn thing.


Two production lines but because they depend on fully assembled modules they run the same item until we change. QA is also faster and more accurate.


Will there be more backers getting tracking numbers within the next few days? Question from Backer 66**

The fact that they haven’t even updated the spreadsheet in over 2 weeks pisses me off too. Like what the hell are they doing? My headset has been on shipping to overseas warehouse for well over a month at this point. How the hell is it not here yet? It’s really not that difficult to give DHL a package and send it to Australia, is it? I don’t get why they even used an overseas warehouse when it’s not even in Australia so it won’t help avoid GST and all it’ll do it make this process longer and more expensive than just shipping them all in one go.


Kevin, I have tagged you to a post about the RMA emails and policy. Can you answer to those please.
Also, pre-orders getting tracking numbers and a lot of backers nada. Any comment on that?
Thank you.


they have been trading long before kickstarter sooooo not sure thsts a good example

Early preorderer here and no tracking number yet. However @PimaxUSA confirmed that due to me switching to 5k BE (now known as 5k XR apparently) it will be a while as they are working on 8k at present. Seems they prefer to focus on one model at a time. I understand backers have had a long wait with very poor communication. Us preorders have been waiting almost 4 months now, I’m sure many have cancelled. The difference for me is that I have had good communication from Kevin on several occasions and therefore I’m content to wait.

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The UK backers didn’t have issues with our orders, PiMax stole the headsets to replace faulty ones they shipped out to the EU. So the EU backers have received 2 headsets in the space where Uk backers got zero, and then to dig the shafting in they are shipping preorders before the Uk receives their headsets.

This is not acceptable.

Not true. Also most EU backers did not get their device.


Is true… many EU backers don’t have they Pimax…

The questions is:

where are devices?
Used for replacement faulty Pimax?
Shipping preorders before backers?

It becomes extremely boring… be transparent plz…


hope they have a table-tennis table at the warehouse , it must get really tedious labeling boxes all day assuming of course that there is more than one person doing it