Jan 2020 8KX Impressions & 🇺🇸 Roadshow


About 6:40 Sweviver talks about deluxe ear clip-ons for 99$


Pasting in here just in case anyone misses them:

First guy really likes it. Second guy is really hyped. (See Olando #1 above)

Third guy in second video has 5K+ and 8K, really interesting comments from him. Says distortion is really gone and really likes the comfort kit.

Crazy thing is multiple people say that the resolution is so good it feels like looking at a computer monitor.


I was at the Orlando event as well and tried out the 8KX. I tried Beat Saber, the Lab, a flight simulator, and Skyrim. My overall impression was that the 8KX is awesome. Honestly, going from a 5K+ the experience isn’t exactly mind blowing, as the FOV is one of the most impressive things about a Pimax. Now, that’s not to say it wasn’t impressive. The sharpness is fantastic, and it’s honestly what we all want from these headsets. A smooth, clear, and precise image. I could see details in the games that I certainly couldn’t see on the 5K+. It really felt more like a phone screen, and really made everything have more of a visual pop. Colors were rich, and vibrant. Menus to games looked incredibly sharp. Beat Saber looked stunning, and extremely vivid. Skyrim looked incredible (although the trees at a distance still shimmered, but I think that’s the old engine/LOD settings). The Lab although extremely dated still looked great. Standing on the mountain in the lab looked absolutely fantastic, and almost felt real. The comfort is just like everyone has said, it’s great. It finally felt like the headset is part of your head, and not something just hanging on it. Playing games with motion will be much better with the MAS and comfort kit to comfortably hold the headset in place. Performance honestly surprised me, as I never noticed a difference of the lower hz compared to my 5K+. As far as audio, it’s true the MAS audio is lacking. I was in a quiet environment and could hear the quality of the audio. The audio is quite “tinny”, and lacks good depth or bass. It would work well in a party environment with friends, but no so much in a private session where you want full immersion. That’s not to say it won’t be improved, it is after all still being worked on I believe so perhaps it’ll get better. I currently would recommend the deluxe audio option. The MAS itself seemed pretty good, it has adjustments on the back pad to tilt based on different head shapes and placement. Overall, I was quite impressed. The 8KX is a solid improvement over the 5K+, and if someone is trying it out or upgrading from a Rift or Vive, they will be absolutely mind blown. To me, it felt like the headset we all wanted from the get go. I kept thinking about all the VR games I have installed at home, and how freaking awesome they are going to be once my 8KX arrives. (Let alone how amazing Half Life Alyx is going to look!! :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:) Thank you @SweViver and @PimaxUSA for showcasing the products here in Florida. I’m glad I got to meet you and experience the 8KX, although now it’s going to make my wait even tougher! :joy::weary:


Some pictures I took at the event.

The 8KX has the metallic silver chevron, but when you go into PiTool you can change the color. It’s not a bright light like the other headsets, but it’s actually pretty cool looking and you can still tell it’s green/blue etc. Honestly I wasn’t crazy when I heard the new headsets were going to be blue a couple months ago, but once I saw them in person they look quite good. I especially like the silver chevon. While it’s not the bright Tron appearance, it looks classier or more sophisticated I‘d say. The new headsets also feel amazing :smile: The exterior coating makes them feel like a premium product for sure.


Hey guys!
Here are the impressions I was able to record during the US Roadshow meetup in New York. I wish I could have recorded every single visitors impression, but it was simply impossible due to lack of time :slight_smile:

Btw, sorry for the occasional cracks in the sound, especially in the first minutes of the Part 1 video…

Part 1:
See Above post by @StaffanStuff

Part 2:


Wccftech’s impressions from CES2020 is up


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