Just got my 8kx and the backlight is uneven

Just got my headset and the backlight on the bottom of the left screen is brighter then the rest of the screen. This basically makes the headset unusable. My eyes ended up hurting after playing Alyx for a half an hour. Its completely immersion breaking. Isn’t this supposed to be your guys flag ship headset ? I thought you guys were testing for this kind of stuff before shipping the headsets out…

You should submit a ticket with Support.



When submitting the ticket, a video of the failure is attached. If it is an irreparable problem, RMA will be provided


I have this too, only for left eye though, bottom and top. In very dark environments this becomes distracting. I know @Formatter also has reported the same issue. Seems this might turn out to be a common issue with the 8KX :grimacing:

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Man that’s really unfortunate hear. The screens should be the main priority when testing the headsets. I made a ticket. Hopefully they can send out a replacement or fix the issue.Mine is really noticeable so I have no idea how it got through testing. Here is what my Left and right screens look like when looking at a pitch black area.

Wow, that’s quite severe :woozy_face: Mine is not that bad fortunately. I’m getting a bit sceptical to their QA if something like that slipped past them :roll_eyes:

i was suprised when i got mine, the backlight is pretty good. way better than my 5k+ which has yellowish bleed

I had this issue with two oculus rifts that I had to rma. When I received my backer 5k+ last year I could see a yellow glow around the edge of both screens but after a couple of hours and many reboots the issue disappeared. Not sure what the issue was. My 8kx arrived last week and has no issue at all. I think you can adjust the brightness of each screen individually in Pitool. If that doesn’t work I would definitely open a ticket as Neal says. On the oculus rift I found the different brightness very annoying.


Wow, really. That does not look normal. I would be very depressed to see something like this personally, I hope this gets sorted out buddy.

EDIT: I see 10 days later now…

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They said they will RMA it but it will take a while because they are on holday. @PimaxUSA do you guys do RMA in the US or does it get sent back to Chine ? I really dont want to be without a headset for multiple months.

My broken base station was RMA to California. I don’t know, but by now, I would imagine some bulk 8kX shipments are at least close to arriving in the USA.

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I have started playing through half life Alyx and I seem to actually have a problem in some of the darker areas where I have miss matched contrast and or brightness that is quite noticeable and annoying. I have made it look a lot better by increasing the contrast on the left screen only. I need to do some more testing but I am quite disappointed. @PimaxUSA what is Pimax’s policy on miss matched screens?

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