Just got my Apache DAS headband and it's awesome!

When I bought my Pimax 5K+ with included the Vive DAS, I started checking out about how it was comfortable on the Pimax.
Was looking for the DAS for my Vive and not everyone was happy.

I quickly realized with the Pimax the comfort was much worse and ended up reading a lot of overly enthusiastic comments about the Apache headband.
I didn’t ordered it right away, I decided to try first without before ordering something rather expensive from the other side of the world.

Indeed when I received it I realized that I couldn’t find a position fitting my head properly: too tight and the headset was too high, too loose and the headset was badly balanced and pushing on my face.
Also while moving it was not so comfortable as I hoped, I could feel the rigid chassis over my head despite all the soft foam and the premium leather.
Removing the headset was quite complex, the DAS was skipping out of my head if loose, wouldn’t come out if too tight.
Quite annoying and of course I ended up breaking the 3D printed adapters.

Well. I received the Apache yesterday and I almost cried for the happiness the first time I put it on!
It’s just so perfect, the Pimax is much more balanced and super comfortable.
No more skipping out while tilting up, it feels over my head as I was hoping for, like a superior quality hand made hat.
I can set in almost any position the DAS central strap and it’s fitting well, I keep it a bit loose so I can easily take it out. I don’t have to fiddle anymore with DAS strap, no more struggling to find the correct position for the eyes.

It just feels like it’s the missing piece that HTC forgot in the design.
If you have a DAS and you don’t own it, trust me, it’s worth.You’ll love it!

I bought last week a couple of cheap chinese bands for the Trackers, 20 euro both.
Well they look cheap, feel cheap and I’m pretty sure they are not going to last much.

The Apache is all about quality: materials, manufacturing, sewing.
I feel like I spent well my money and that’s uncommon for a VR accessory…

Dave is really a nice guy and I’ll thank him every day for using his time and effort to create it.
It’s damn simple but very well engineered!

Ordered also a Quest strap for my nice and I don’t expect her to be less enthusiast!

Go check it out, he deserves it and you’ll not regret it:

This is my Pimax equipped! :sunglasses:


Yeah chuffed with mine as well very well made and superb speed on delivery all the way from NZ to the UK would advise anyone with a DAS to get it pronto. :grinning:

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