Just got the index kit

Year and a half passes with no VR after sending back my 5kXR for a replacement 5k+ and regretting it.
I just got the index kit and I do notice the lack of FOV up to what I had

I can just about accept it XD I would say that anyone who experienced wide fov pimax might have a hard time accepting reverb G2 fov regardless of the clarity - but maybe my opinion doesn’t translate.

Blacks don’t seem so bad to me after coming from (a long time ago) oled
The clarity seems really good- though I have to add I’m at 500% on the supersampling- it chose that itself. 2080ti 9900k - worth mentioning

It was nice to have sound at all from where I was before, it really does seem surround and that surprised me. I wasn’t happy though about finding out I need 3 power points to power 2 lighthouses plus the headset

There’s a lot to configure still and I haven’t even tried the best because I need to switch rooms before I get the roomscale experience but

I’m glad I chose this already. It’s professional. Still, hopefully with this base one day I can get into the pimax experience again once it’s levelled and settled in.

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Welcome back, who would not like the high-definition resolution and such a huge field of view?

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Absolutely. Just have to ramp up distribution keep working on customer support and offer that important 2 year warranty - that will really sell it.

I’m sold when I don’t need to pay 25% over cost to get it here and have peace of mind that if anything goes wrong I can just send back and get a replacement with no long questions back and forth, no more shipping fees and long waits, well I can hardly wait for that. It might sound catty but I mean it. And all the best


Agreed headsets should have a standard 2 year warranty; especially a flagship device. Even if pimax offered to purchase an extended warranty for something like 10 to 15% of purchase price before taxes to extend warranty to a 2 year period.

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