Just tried the quest 2

My next door neighbored had just got the quest 2 for her sons birth day, which is at the end of November, she has asked me to look after it until its his Birthday so he does not find it, she also asked me to check it out and make sure it works, WELL you can`t say no to that offer :slight_smile:
Any way, this quest 2 is very very impressive, so much so, I may sell My 5k+, if and when the stretched goals turn up and get one, especially as I use the Vale index anyway. the SDE is better than the 5K+, and I like the idea of not having a cable, sound is also very good, its a shame I have to put it back in the box now :frowning_face:
Anyway, anyone on the fence about getting a quest2, its well worth the money, and it turned up on her door step when they said it would :+1:


Do you have the 8KX (smas), and if so, was the sound better on Quest 2? Also did you notice if blacks in dark scenes are on the greyish side since Q1 used oled and Q2 uses lcd screens?



The hardware sounds good indeed. Not sure whether it’s the best present for a child though? If Facebook reserves the right to stream everything done with the headset to their data centers for analysis and storage purposes.


Only tried it for about 15 minuets as its not mine, BUT the sound is good, its not tinny and has a nice tone to it, its also loud, only had it at 50% volume and that was plenty loud enough.
I am STILL waiting for the KDmas, so cant compare.
It was heaver that it looks, My nose was only just clear of the plastic, but it does come with a spacer to fit if you need it.
I also notice that the focus of the lenses is more towards the nose, I think this is done because it only has 3 setting for IPD, and seam to work quite well, I could use any of the 3 with out problems, but 63 was the best for me.
you can defiantly see SDE BUT its tiny compared to the 5K+. it looked to me, with the time I use it, to be as good as My index.
As for Face book, he does not use it and does not have an account, I will set one up for him, but will not have any info about him on it, as he will not use it anyway, face book are not going to get much data from him, apart from the games the HMD plays.


Did you play a game on it, if so what one?

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Yes, but I’m asking about the in-strap audio that both smas 8KX and Q2 in-strap have implemented. What do you think of 8KX smas sound in comparison?

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My quest 2 arrived today!

I’ve not used the previous quest or go, only had a brief experience with gearvr and my s9+…

So only had a short play so far, display is great, image quality is very good and very little to no sde to worry about which is fantastic, nicer than index/5k+. There is a faint black dot pattern I saw in a white background but not too intrusive.

I’ve not tested with the link cable to my pc yet.

I did try the hand tracking which was very nice, but app support appears to be an issue… launch netflix… have to revert to controllers… launch big screen…have to revert to controllers… :roll_eyes: so hope for better support soon.

The strap is not fantastic but will do for now and whoever thought white was a good idea for a cloth strap needs firing :joy:

Looking forward to more messing with the quest 2


Noamloop, That makes it a bad choice for anyone. Why accommodate any data miner when you can choose not to?
I’ve never done facebook, never will.


So, G2 vs Quest 2, which one wins the potato FOV headsets war?

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Yepp, particularly a device with five always on cameras, connected to an always online machine, provided by a company that lives from collecting and selling data.

At least Facebook meant in an interview last year: “The only information we keep on our servers today consists of performance metrics that don’t contain any recognizable detail about your environment. These metrics help us improve [the inside-out tracking system]. We don’t collect and store images or 3D maps of your environment on our servers today”

The use of the word “today” (in an article from last year) doesn’t sound too appeasing…


I once had the Quest 1 to try out and I was not convinced by the focus area (let’s say sweatspot) where the picture is clear.

I had problems when I looked only with the eyes to the top or bottom corners the text was blurry. Much worse than on my Odyssey+.

Can any of you tell me please is this still the same on Quest 2 ?

I think they have not changed the lenses.

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I tried the Quest 2 yesterday evening. I already have and had the Quest 1.
I’ll start with the conclusion: I will return the Quest 2 and keep my Quest1.

Colours are dull compared to Quest 1 and contrast is much worse compared to Quest 1.
And when I hold my head still I often see a kind of diagonal lines (my 8K had the same) which I find really breaking my immersion.

To end positively, the abscence of SDE is great on Quest 2 and when you don’t care much about the great oled colours of the Quest 1, the Quest 2 is a great headset.


Glare is still an issue with white text. Honestly, since the image is so clear this might appear worse.

Using the Q1 and 2 side by side, I will never pick the 1 up again. The SDE is awful, the persistance and blur is terrible, 72hz sucks (though only the menu and virtual desktop support 90 on q2 so far). Q2 has an amazing LCD display, colors pop well, and the blacks are of course gray, but better than the 5k for example.

Streaming alyx wirelessly at this clarity really felt next gen, I hope either VD or oculus really nail down wireless this time.


Is that how the Quest 2 works? it streams games to it wirelessly?

Nope, but You can stream games wirelessly using the Virtual Desktop application (3rd party).

Here’s a YouTube search:


Ah, that makes sense. Gotcha.

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They also promised that you’d never need a facebook account to use your oculus gear so there’s that.


Keep an eye on things. When my brother set up his Facebook account, I started getting emails from “him” about former classmates, friends I didn’t want to hear from, all kinds of strange stuff. I’ve never seen a virus as capable as Facebook: some of the stuff that was happening (until he learned to change his settings) was really scary. Even after! You’re about to find out why Facebook scares the the crap out of a lot of us!!!
Good luck!


He’ll be using Facebook every time he powers up the headset. That’s the whole point.

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With quest 2’s wifi 6 compatibility there is a chance an official solution comes out this gen. I have my doubts though.

VD is awesome, but you basically need a really high end router to have a good experience with it. People get a little too excited about it, encouraging it as a good solution for pcvr. IMO it’s not there yet, link is far more reliable. As it stands though, link doesn’t support full resolution or 90hz (coming in a later update) so I tried it out as a method to test the panel capabilities. If i can get consistent clarity like I get at 150mbps stream, this may be my go to HMD actually. Looks amazing.