Katwalk C consumer treadmill coming to kickstarter

Coming soon to Kickstarter if your feeling flush and Pimax hasn’t put you off Kickstarter for life!!!
Would love to try it.


Kat seems okay. However they seem to be on a Kickstarter loop. Katwalk -> Kalwalkmini -> Katloco and now Kat walk C.


Hey its live now

Bad thing is all the “simple” packages are gone already


I’ll buy the Kat, we are actually making a product without kickstarting.

Its back on for 999$ at Kickstart.

( @generic “when they are making …” it or are you actually making it? )

I’ve lost all enthusiasm for this product after I had the opportunity to buy it for $800 but stopped myself because of the shocking $1000 shipping price to Canada which was only explained in a FAQ page they posted later that part of that shipping cost would be refunded? So basically Kat VR screwed me and many others over from getting a deal because of their stupid unexplained shipping costs. I watched as quickly the tiers went up. Now I feel it is pointless to kickstart this project. We’d be better off buying it when its actually available. I bet Oct 2020 is going to be nowhere near the date they ship this thing.

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