KDMAS and 5k+ fit, not great

Finally hooked up my backer KDMAS. I’m coming from a 3D print modified Vive DAS, which was great except it couldn’t tighten enough for smaller heads.

Biggest issue I have with the KDMAS is it doesn’t matter how low the back is and how much I tighten it, it’s still very loose on the sides and so I cannot get it to be as snug as others. Does anyone else have this issue? Has anyone modified theirs in any way to improve this?

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This is a feature. You just need to tight it more :slight_smile:.

Seriously, the problem is that Pimax uses the same frame as for the DMAS with off-ear drivers and the additional cushions they put on do not stretch far enough. Either find a thicker ear pads or tighten it more.

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My head is more average. However just in front of the speakers inside the strap towards the hinges. Those pads are removable attached by velcro. So you can likely put thicker padding there.

@GrodenVR has made 3d printed ‘bass extenders’ for the ear cups.

Yeah I have the same thing. I tighten it to the point I’m scared the wheel gears are going to snap to get a decent fit. Frankly I like the cloth strap better. More pressure on my nose but better with my own headphones and overall fit. But I use KMDAS for convenience

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So the headphones placement is good, but yeah, if there was replacement thicker foam out there for the foam that’s right above the headphones then that would solve my problem I think. Doesn’t seem like there’s anything out there for this though.

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Think this for now would need to cut some foam to shape.