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I see that people have started to receive the backer boxes with the KDMAS inside, and this is great news that it is being delivered. That said…can we please get an update on the status of pre-order customers? How much longer do you believe it will be before the pre-order customers start receiving their KDMAS?

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Please PM me an image of your receipt so I can see your KDMAS order.

I also have a pre order of MAS from november SO5636
Also I have 2 orders ORDER EO1175 and 1174, 10 days ago, no news, I paid very expensive shipping cost for actually small items (cable and confort kit) but no news neither.
Also also, I used a coupon for ordering BS (EO1165) but order was canceled by Pimax, but still no refund and no new coupon edited, 2 weeks ago.

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Pre-order of the 5K plus and I’m assuming the 8k+ were told that they would get a free SMAS as an upgrade for pre-ordering early. Then you changed it to the kdmas when it was found it wouldn’t work on the 5k+. So is Pimax going back on it’s word.

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In this case I’m not sure what you are saying as your own assertion is we upgraded the 5K+ strap. As for the 8K+ the straps have interchangeable speaker assemblies.

i can confirm this @Phillybump

made a ticket, and they where kinda disrespectful too about it.

they will not do the KDMAS, even though it was stated before that we would get it if you made a ticket and stated you had the 5k+, as the DMAS was not compatible with the 5k+, only 8k series.

They tried stating that this was my opinion on it(not sure how saying the DMAS is not compatible is my opinion when we have a chart stating it’s not)

Then they will try to somehow screw with your order and try to charge you with weird math that does not exist… i had a fun 1+ week on this. :smiley:

Support is fun when they can’t understand what you’re typing. XD


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@PimaxUSA that’s what I’m trying to explain I never received the rigid head strap as a pre-order and we were promised one .

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@PimaxUSA this is what I was speaking about

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Pimax’s statement to customs that the entire package has a value of $ 60 actually seems to be the truth :roll_eyes: :wink:

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I remember @PimaxUSA responded to us a few months ago that he’d look into it, but never gave an update. How about you @PimaxQuorra?

It was an offer made on the forum by Dallas Hao if I remember right, when he was here.

Another thread about it: Confirmation of 5k+ pre-orders getting a KDMAS (originally DAS)?

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I had previously asked this question to another Pimax employee but never received a response. Would you be able to provide an update on the status of shipments for people who pre-ordered the MAS (now KDMAS) back in October 2019 when the MAS was originally announced. Seeing backers have started to receive the KDMAS in the backer boxes, it would be nice to know when everyone else (mostly non vision headset users who wrote the email earlier in the year saying they need the KDMAS) will start to receive theirs.

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My opinion on this matter is this.

I won’t let go of it until either:

  1. Pimax announce they will honour their promise
  2. Pimax announce they will not honour their promise

But while they go for ‘Let’s stay silent and hope these few customers give up / forget about it’, we should keep reminding them indefinitely :wink:

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I agree. I have created multiple discussions/request for information this year. To date, I have never received a definitive answer. Sadly, most of the time I am ignored. I have been ignored THREE TIMES already in relation to this post alone over the last 2 weeks.

The last I heard about my pre-ordered MAS (now KDMAS) was when PimaxQuorra stated customers need to write Pimax Support and state they own a 5K+. That they will need the “new” KDMAS for their order when processed. I did this and support stated that the note was added to my account under my order. This was back in Q1 2020. I have not seen/heard another word about pre-order customers getting the head strap since.

I try my best to stay positive when it comes to Pimax, and that I will hear something soon. I am starting to lose my composure and am becoming more irate each time I am completely ignored.

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Yes agreed, seen this from Pimax many times on various subjects. Better to just admit they won’t deliver something that’s promised and while not what we want to hear, at least we know where we stand.

But selective responses while ignoring others is just rude.


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