KDMAS: Left speaker has lower volume - Anyone else?

The build quality of the KDMAS seems very solid. Looks as sturdy and comfy to me as the Vive Pro’s head mount.

Unfortunately, the volume of my left ear cup is always slightly lower than the right side. Every connection is seated perfectly and according to the installation instructions.

Does anyone else have this issue?

I have got the same issue.
I have solve it by setting the balance between left and right in sound setting on windows


Huh, thank you for posting and for the tip.

I’d like to know whether this is a design flaw that affects everyone.

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Does not seem to be an issue on mine. Does it happen with a different pair of headphones connected to the headset (which headset do you have)? If you connect KDMAS to PC, does it also sound unbalanced? Did you use Y-split cable correctly?

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If I connect a pair of regular ear buds directly to the headset, the volume is perfectly balanced. And yes, the y-cable is attached as shown in the installation guide.

Upon further inspection I found the left ear cup to be slightly damaged. I am in contact with Pimax support about the issue.

Thanks again for your help!


Mine both sound equally unimpressive :grinning:


Did the support team resolve your issue?



What kind of dissatisfied experience you are dealing with the sound quality?
Maybe you can share it to us.


My preference is a full room surround sound system with serious bass and even when I do, on rare occasions, wear headphones for music recording they are Sennheiser studio monitors.
Certainly found the bass lacking in the KDMAS.

I was not able to resolve the issue (presumably bulging speaker membrane, pushing it back with a hair dryer) on my own. I told support I would be happy about a replacement part for the left ear cup as it is clearly damaged/improperly assembled, which I can show on photos.

My personal theory is that some glue got on the membrane. I cannot check, unfortunately, as the assembly seems to be glued together. I tried to carefully open it up, but no luck there.

I am waiting for the reply, right now.

Support just told me they will send me a replacement for the left speaker. Thank you Pimax, this is really great service!