KDMS for sale on store page

Can anyone buy the KDMS? The store page has it for sale at about $119.00 the other two are lined out but the DMS is $100 more. I own the 8K+. Is the D better than the K. Tired of waiting and now it is CNY again.Found it here.

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The DMAS is said to have the sane BMR drivers as Valve Index in the similar off ear style.

The KDMAS is on ear headphones.

Depending on your preferences will determine what you find better. Freq graph that was posted last year suggests DMAS should sound better.

Either above will sound considerably better than the SMAS.

Just curious what is the SMAS price listed as?

SMAS $119.99
DMAS $219.99
KDMAS $119.99
Maybe I will wait for the DMAS not sure. I’m tired of using the very old cheep yellow earplugs that we used in the 60’s for our radios and such.

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At those prices can’t see anyone grabbing a SMAS. Thanks


That is a lot cheaper I am sure than they were when they listed them for pre-order. Seems rather pointless using the voucher I had now. Basically I wasted it.

SMAS and DMAS are consistent. KDMAS was not known what price it was going to be. However SMAS at same price as KDMAS makes SMAS overpriced imho.


They probably don‘t want anyone to buy it,
which is reasonable considering the reviews.


Does anyone know which one sounds like the Rift S? I like the way the speakers sound and how they are placed in my Rift S.

Thanks for the info.
I cannot get the old store page to load but after some searching I found my E-mail with the invoice.
You are correct the SMAS was $119.95 when I ordered it.
For some reason I remember it being a lot more.
So I guess it just remains to be seen whether Pimax tries to wiggle out of the voucher I applied.

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I got mine few weeks ago from my SMAS Preorder switch.
But without the small screws and the adaptor for narrow slit on black housings.

Does anyone else receive it with those missing parts?

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I only received in Backer Box.

However from @crony’s post even the vision headsets should come with that Adapter as standard. @OlivierJT mentioned on release the flaws of having the strap run though that key hole design.

If it was going to go through that spot it should be a simple slot.

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