Killer resolution demo for the 8KX

So what we want when we put on the 8KX headset, is to experience that premium resolution.

Therefor I advise Pimax to work on the moon home world and the super low res textures used there and create a new world that really shows the 8KX resolution in all its crystal clear glory.

I was also thinking of a 360 demo video which can be played at maximum resolution and since it’s video it can be pre-rendered with insanely nice shading and light rays and whatnot.

Anything to give the first booter a sense of complete wonder and awe of what this headset is capable of showing if only you had the pc to render it realtime, in the future maybe.


That’s a very good suggestion. The current default home is underwhelming and not even suitable for the last generation.


I totally agree. Let me discuss this with the engineers


Yes that would really be helpful! It’s not much at the moment.
At least a 360 ultra high res of a space sky :vulcan_salute:t3:

It would be awesome if this could also be a tech test room - like vrss, vfr, RTX, SLI , … so that you get all the eye candy - ok it’s a bit on the dreaming side but could be inspirational just like the FoV and resolution…


Virtual Desktop. Without SteamVR. Which responds to the voice command ‘Reset Orientation’. That is what the initial screen should be.

Both as a resolution demo and an initial menu screen, it is hard to imagine a launcher more functional than this program.


I agree, even though I like Bigscreen Beta better!
How about a Partnership with VoiceAttack to implement really nice voice recognition ?

I would always rather see more support for custom keybindings that can be used with both VoiceAttack, as well as external peripherals like macro keyboards.

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No, please ignore all of the suggestions. The Pimax home screen is a resource hog and should be disabled completely - which any knowledgeable user will do anyway.

All engineering hours should instead be put into finally fixing the judder introduced after Pitool .144 or making Pitool open source.


Ah, the annoying priority posts are coming


@Milopapa ou’re an enthusiast, like me.

But most people are not, including most Pimax customers. Let them have it. We retain the option.

@Pimel Leave Milopapa alone man, leave Milo alone :sob:


Fundamental things are broken in Pitool such as resolution change and judder and we keep wasting engineering hours on useless things like LED color or potato mode.

Now THAT is annoying.


Always wondered how I sounded in my forum posts… :innocent:

As I expected, I sound glorious

Thank you mate :rofl:

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I was using VD earlier tonight. It was usable, but frustrating on my 8K (due to hard-to-read text). I was imagining how much better VD will be on an 8KX. I’m really looking forward to an upgrade!


On the Index, Virtual Desktop is like nearly perfect for me. Sharper than the SteamVR dashboard and desktop which is already pretty good.8KX should beat them all.


Oh my gash, just reallized that 8kx might be fun not just for me playing iracing, but also could provide enough comfort and picture quality to actually switch from my TV to HMD when playing 2d in kind of theater mode??? I almost forgot about virtual desctop!


I’ve done this with the Index. I got it to a point where it feels like semi VR in racing sims.

@SweViver I think a home environment built using lightfields would be a great thing for Pimax to use.

But something in the vein of this old Oculus demo to give people that WOW moment.


This problem is now solved. Launches both VoiceAttack and VirtualDesktop whenever PiTool tries to ‘Start Pimax VR Home’. VoiceAttack can be locked out for safety with commands like ‘respond/ignore’.

PVRHome can be overridden with a few simple steps.

  1. One-line autohotkey script to launch a ‘.bat’ file, compiled to an executable.
  2. Compiled executable put in place of ‘PVRHome.exe’.
  3. Batch file terminates running SteamVR instance, then launches VoiceAttack and VirtualDesktop. Or anything else as desired.

This means the built-in microphone will be available to VoiceAttack when it starts.


A cool home environment with 4 buttons/screens would be great;
1-Steam VR
2-Pitool/Oculus Games
4-Pitool Settings


Which of those would you want first?

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