Laptop Cable for Pimax headsets

We now have a laptop cable for both 8KX and the rest of the headsets in stock.
This is not an adapter but a short extension cable (1M)for your existing cable.
We have two models. One for 8KX with one DP 1.4 8K 60hz to mini display connection and two usb 3.1 connections.

The other one has one DP 1.4 8K 60hz to mini display connection. One usb 3.1 connection and one power cord.

The price is 399SEK / 46 USD in EU inc VAT. 319 SEK / 37 USD outside EU ex VAT.

This is a great solution until PIMAX release the full length laptop cable.


Where do we go to purchase one? Is there a website or?

If you live in EU then you can place an order in our webshop
Direct link to the cables: 8KX!/products/laptopkabel-pimax-8kx-1m-pvr-ext-lt8kx
5K/8K+ etc!/products/laptopkabel-pimax-5k-0x2f-8k-1m-pvr-ext-lt8k

The webshop is still only available in Swedish so if you have problems with translation then just contact us at and we will manually create an order for you.

If you live outside EU then use and we will create the order without VAT.