Laptops for 8KX?

Looking for a new laptop that ‘works’ with my 8KX. Obviously performance won’t be as good as a desktop, but that’s fine (I already have a desktop rig, I just want this laptop for older VR games and Virtual Desktop/movies).

I’m leaning towards some of the new 3070 (maybe 3080) gaming laptops, although most of them seem to only have mini display port out… Will an adapter work?

And I don’t care about the screen size/refresh rate (since I’ll be using the HMD mostly). Long battery life is a plus.

Can anyone recommend a good gaming laptop that will work with the 8KX? Budget is around 1500 USD.




We recommend MSI, Alienware or even Asus, but make sure they have at least 2080 and above.

Yes sir, the adapter works perfectly.



Thanks good info!

Ok so is anyone currently using a specific 30x series laptop they can recommend for an 8KX? I was looking at the ASUS Tuf, it seems like its reasonably priced because it has a “MaxQ” 3070 (which just means it’s under clocked?). Anything else I need to look out for?


Maybe we could ask @SweViver to suggest on this model.

He shall reply shortly.



A 3070 laptop with mini-DP port is ideal for 8KX. I would say anything from RTX 2080 and better is a preferred laptop for native 4K with 8KX. My 2080 laptop still runs the majority of games with mostly full framerate, apart from a few exceptions such as simulators and generally the most CPU+GPU-heavy titles.

As for the mini DP adapter, make sure to pick a good one that supports Displayport 1.4 interface and DSC 1.2 signal. Otherwise you will end up with issues or signal loss.

Here is a confirmed adapter that works great with native mode. I purchased one myself. It also extends the cable with 1meter:


Hi there, i do have a similar question in regards to laptops and hope that you guys can assist me.

I am currently waiting for my new Laptop to arrive. It will have a GTX3080 at 140W TDP. (connector via usb-c with full dp1.4 support) So i think the GPU should be around a Desktop level GTX2080.

Now i do want the laptop mainly for playing iRacing and other Racing Sims in VR.
Additionally i am looking to upgrade my Headset as i am still using an old CV1.

So the question is, which one would be suited best?
To me its clear that i want to run the headset in wide FOV, because thats the reason for going with Pimax. The main question to me is, is there any real difference performance wise between the 8k+/8kx and the 5k+? I do understand that running the 8kx in native mode will use much more ressources then in upscaling mode.
However what is the difference in upscaling mode?
Does the 8kx in upscaling mode require more ressources then the 8k+ or the 5k+ in the very same mode?

I would like to try the 8kx or the 8k+ but im somehow afraid that the laptop GPU wont provide enough powerand thus i also thought of getting the 5k+.
Therefore i am realy surprised that you can run the 8kx even on an 2080 mobile version.