LASIK eye laser surgery

Just wanted to share. I got LASIK laser surgery so I could enjoy VR without having to wear contacts or glasses. I wanted to get surgery anyway but VR made me do it for real.

Now 3 years later my right eye developed a new problem, cilinder issues both in plus and minus.

This has impacted my reviews of the 8KX. Because I had not noticed the problem in real life as much as in VR. I thought it was the 8KX that was causing problems but it was instead my own eye.
I also realized that I wasn’t being as observant in real life as I was looking at a VR screen.

So I am now again more happy with my 8KX and just have to accept my eyes just aren’t up to spec :grin:


Would you recommend lasik ?

10 years after eye surgery I need glasses again. It is not permanent solution.


Was it painful , have you been afraid during the procedure ?

For me it was very, very unpleasant, but not painful. It takes a few minutes per eye. Many friends of me were on that surgery, and were really suddisfied.
My surgery was not so good. After it, I needed glasses with about -0.5 diopt (was -1.75 before). That was not acceptable, so they did another surgery on my left eye; then I got left eye good enough for driveing, and right for reading. Actually I was not suddisfied with results, but apparently my case was minority.
Also remmember that night vision is worst after surgery; I had glasses for night driving (and for movie theater) all the time. In a day time I didn’t need them.

And now, 10 years later I have more and more problems with reading and driveing. I need new glasse for booth long and short distance.

I wish you more luck with it, as I had.

You might want to try a pair of multifocal lenses “progressive bifocals”. I’ve been wearing them for years, since I’m very near-sighted from staring at computer monitors for decades. Luckily, I don’t need glasses to enjoy my 8KX, since everything in the headset is fairly clear without them.


I had Lasik for awhile now probably 7 years or more not sure. Never have the problems that you guys described. I was glad I don’t have to deal with glasses or contact lenses.

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I had Relex Smile done to both my eyes approx 6 years ago.
I had really bad astigmatism, my sight without glasses (or contact lenses as I used daily) was approx 20%
After the surgery my astigmatism was allmost completely gone, the “bouns” from my surgery was that my right eye is now just a tad far sighted, but this is no problem at all.

What was / is left of my astigmatism, is what people often refer to as triple vision, where one can see bright backlit things 3 times slightly skewed.

This is actually something that has gotten much better over the years since I had the surgery done, because ones mind (that composes the 2 images that hit the retina) will now have to “learn” something new that it is not used to.

It actually took about 1 year to “clear up” after surgery and 2 years in total for my sight to stabilise fully.

Surgery was 100% completely painless.
One thing, and only one thing terrified me during surgery…
This sound was played out loud when the laser was done with the first eye… :rofl: :rofl: :joy: and after the second eye as well.

Would I have chosen the surgery if I could go back in time, hell yes :+1: but I would have liked to have know that it would take so long for my sight to clear up and stabilise.

Edit: it was Relex Smile surgery I had done :partying_face:


Luckily you didn’t get a ‘General Protection Fault’ between procedures…surgery via Win 98 eh. Brings a whole new meaning to ‘eye patch’… :drum:


Exactly :wink:


I got “Relex Smile” by Euroeyes in Hamburg. It’s not precisely Lasik, as it doesn’t cut a flap.

I’m very happy with that, 3 years, 20/20 vision, knock on wood. I wish both of you good luck!


I’m getting corrective surgery for my bad eye. They’re not going for a flap this time but will blast the outside. Gonna be extra long healing time, which is basically having your eye respond to a burning sensation for a few days which you will experience minute by minute.

I don’t recommend the surgery because of these possible side effects, you really don’t want those even when the possibility is low


Next week, I will also be getting surgery for my bad eye. (It’s not LASIK either.) Unfortunately, the condition has gotten much worse lately. I haven’t been able to truly enjoy VR for several months, so I’m really looking forward to the procedure.


How did it turn out for you guys? Pimel, is your eye fixed? Do you mean you do not recommend Lasik? Classical Lasik was also not recommended to me, which is why I picked “Relex Smile”. I hope this one lasts properly and noone has to suffer any side effects anymore.

Neal, could you have the issues that had been done to you get corrected as well? What method did you initially use for the first surgery?

Hope you guys are healing well!!!


Thanks for asking! My surgery went well.

I had a cataract removed, via laser incision, ultra sound breakup of the lens, suction removal, and had a replacement lens inserted. The new lens is single-focus, but is able to correct my astigmatism. The cataract was a side-effect of a medication I use. At that point, I was basically blind in that eye, so VR lost its appeal, even though I still had one “good” eye.

I had planned to get my surgery early last year, but Covid happened and I postponed it. Unfortunately, because of the delay, the cataract was quite advanced, so it will be about 3 months until it’s fully healed (about 2 to 3 times longer than it typical takes). The recovery has been strange; I’ve had to learn to see in 3D again (now that I have 2 working eyes).

The good news is that I can see depth now and have stopped walking into doorways, breaking things, etc. I feel safe to drive a car again. The bad news is that, while my vision is greatly improved, it is not yet adequate for reading (unless the letters are large, say 1 inch or more). My vision should continue to improve over the next few months.

Anyway, for the first time in months, I actually spent some time in VR last night (instead of short test runs). I was able to play MSFS 2020 for about 40 minutes last night, before my eye became too painful to continue. It was awesome to see depth again in VR. My 8KX is able to run at 90 Hz now, so the experience is even better than I remember.

TL;DR The surgery was successful and I can enjoy VR again. :slight_smile:


Great to hear!

But then give it some more time! Don’t dive into VR right now, the pain told you to back off for a while. Listen to your body you just got one. And for autumn or winter of this year, and also the next-gen of VR, you’ll be all set and ready to roll! :grin: :+1:


I don’t need next-gen VR, what I need is a 4080 Ti. :laughing:

That’s great! I had cataracts in both eyes and the surgery to replace my natural lenses. You will likely need reading glasses as do I, but that’s a minor detail! I found that within a month or so my eyes were pretty much healed, but it took quite a while to reach a stable prescription.
I’m glad it went well for you!