LASIK eye laser surgery

Just wanted to share. I got LASIK laser surgery so I could enjoy VR without having to wear contacts or glasses. I wanted to get surgery anyway but VR made me do it for real.

Now 3 years later my right eye developed a new problem, cilinder issues both in plus and minus.

This has impacted my reviews of the 8KX. Because I had not noticed the problem in real life as much as in VR. I thought it was the 8KX that was causing problems but it was instead my own eye.
I also realized that I wasn’t being as observant in real life as I was looking at a VR screen.

So I am now again more happy with my 8KX and just have to accept my eyes just aren’t up to spec :grin:


Would you recommend lasik ?

10 years after eye surgery I need glasses again. It is not permanent solution.


Was it painful , have you been afraid during the procedure ?

For me it was very, very unpleasant, but not painful. It takes a few minutes per eye. Many friends of me were on that surgery, and were really suddisfied.
My surgery was not so good. After it, I needed glasses with about -0.5 diopt (was -1.75 before). That was not acceptable, so they did another surgery on my left eye; then I got left eye good enough for driveing, and right for reading. Actually I was not suddisfied with results, but apparently my case was minority.
Also remmember that night vision is worst after surgery; I had glasses for night driving (and for movie theater) all the time. In a day time I didn’t need them.

And now, 10 years later I have more and more problems with reading and driveing. I need new glasse for booth long and short distance.

I wish you more luck with it, as I had.

You might want to try a pair of multifocal lenses “progressive bifocals”. I’ve been wearing them for years, since I’m very near-sighted from staring at computer monitors for decades. Luckily, I don’t need glasses to enjoy my 8KX, since everything in the headset is fairly clear without them.


I had Lasik for awhile now probably 7 years or more not sure. Never have the problems that you guys described. I was glad I don’t have to deal with glasses or contact lenses.

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I had Relex Smile done to both my eyes approx 6 years ago.
I had really bad astigmatism, my sight without glasses (or contact lenses as I used daily) was approx 20%
After the surgery my astigmatism was allmost completely gone, the “bouns” from my surgery was that my right eye is now just a tad far sighted, but this is no problem at all.

What was / is left of my astigmatism, is what people often refer to as triple vision, where one can see bright backlit things 3 times slightly skewed.

This is actually something that has gotten much better over the years since I had the surgery done, because ones mind (that composes the 2 images that hit the retina) will now have to “learn” something new that it is not used to.

It actually took about 1 year to “clear up” after surgery and 2 years in total for my sight to stabilise fully.

Surgery was 100% completely painless.
One thing, and only one thing terrified me during surgery…
This sound was played out loud when the laser was done with the first eye… :rofl: :rofl: :joy: and after the second eye as well.

Would I have chosen the surgery if I could go back in time, hell yes :+1: but I would have liked to have know that it would take so long for my sight to clear up and stabilise.

Edit: it was Relex Smile surgery I had done :partying_face:


Luckily you didn’t get a ‘General Protection Fault’ between procedures…surgery via Win 98 eh. Brings a whole new meaning to ‘eye patch’… :drum:


Exactly :wink:


I got “Relex Smile” by Euroeyes in Hamburg. It’s not precisely Lasik, as it doesn’t cut a flap.

I’m very happy with that, 3 years, 20/20 vision, knock on wood. I wish both of you good luck!


I’m getting corrective surgery for my bad eye. They’re not going for a flap this time but will blast the outside. Gonna be extra long healing time, which is basically having your eye respond to a burning sensation for a few days which you will experience minute by minute.

I don’t recommend the surgery because of these possible side effects, you really don’t want those even when the possibility is low

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Next week, I will also be getting surgery for my bad eye. (It’s not LASIK either.) Unfortunately, the condition has gotten much worse lately. I haven’t been able to truly enjoy VR for several months, so I’m really looking forward to the procedure.

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