Latest PiTool (.268) does not allow Large FOV in 5kS

Latest PiTool (.268) does not allow Large FOV in 5kS.
As title states. Have tried with 120hz and 90hz; “Large” FOV does not appear as an option.

5k Super
Not sure, but PiTool says it’s the latest.
Two Valve base stations.

System Info

Windows 10 Pro
Intel I7 6700k
16GB @3200mhz
ASUS Maximus VIII Gene
EVGA 1080Ti FTW3
Latest Nvidia

Attachments (Pics/Video etc…)

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I can run 90 and 120 on large fov on my 5K+ and so one would think the super should handle it. I would add, however, I am using PT 261 and FW 255 though.

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I’m not the only person with this issue; there is a reddit post from someone who has the same problem, as well as another commenter:

This is the 5k Super we’re talking about. The hardware might be slightly different.

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What Refresh rate are you using? I see Huang responded with refresh rate “Diagonal” limits(They should use real Horizontal FoV values). It sounds like will need to file a support ticket.

I am using 90Hz. It also didn’t show up with 120.

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We suggest you to file a support ticket and share the # to us, so we could forward to the related department on this issue.


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