Leap Motion Gemini 5.2.0 drivers

Hi all, I see that Leap Motion 5.2.0 driver has come out of Beta today, is there a roadmap for when we can see these built into the PiTools?



Added links to it below. I dont think Pimax has to do anything as the leapmotion is a standard leap motion device plugged into a usb-c. Simply installing the driver you will reap the benefits listed such as

  • improved two-handed interactions
  • initialization speed
  • The robustness of its hand-tracking.

Download Ultraleap’s Hand Tracking Software — Ultraleap for Developers (leapmotion.com)

Ultraleap Releases Gemini Hand-tracking Update, VR Interface Demo (roadtovr.com)


They should probably point to this newer release when initially downloading the Leap Motion software in PiTool first time the ET module is detected?

At least that’s how I recall it works?


Installing the software just seems to add a new control panel alongside the existing software. The new directory “Ultraleap” doesn’t appear to house any drivers, so I’m not sure the Pimax software is using the new software.

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what hapens when you run the new software and that new demo of theirs?

Does Pimax need to use version 5.2 sdk for it to work?

maybe they still use 4 since 5 just literally left beta.

I think its up to the app developer to use hand tracking not necessarily Pimax. For example that Tinkerpilot game targets Leap motion and doesn’t seem to care that its connected through a Pimax or not.

@hammerhead_gal , @PimaxQuorra ?

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We have asked Martin to run tests with Gemini 5.2.0 drivers. Everything is working fine.

You can either use the V4 or the latest 5.2
Please make sure you uninstall the previous version and download the 5.2V.


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Hi @PimaxQuorra The image you have provided is running “Leap Motion” which is version 4, and if you start clean and install just Ultraleap version 5 then your Pimax software doesn’t recognize the hand tracking unit. The gemini software picks it up and the drivers are clearly working but the Pimax software inst using it. The software even tells you to “Download and install Leap Motion”, if I had to hazard a guess I would say you had both versions installed and as a result, everything appears functional but the Pimax software is actually still using the old software (which lives in a wholly different directory).


This link might be what Pimax needs Upgrading to Gemini Migration Guide — Ultraleap for Developers (leapmotion.com)


You need to download the Pitool package (Orion), and THEN install Gemini 5.2.0 on top of that.

For the PE, it is still using the V4 SDK (which may not fully optimized), we will upgrade the SDK to fully benefit the Gemini 5.2 improvements.


So to clarify, don’t uninstall the previous version, because Pimax Experience literally won’t work at this time without Orion 4.0 installed. Also, the “Ultraleap Tracking is already installed” will only appear when you try and install 5.2.0 over itself. I have tried repeatedly to invoke this prompt but it happily installs in parallel with “Leap Motion (Orion 4.0)”.

Putting the miscommunication aside, at this time we still need to have 4.0 installed if we want to use PE (which is currently one of the few things we can use)

In the future, PE will be updated to incorporate 5.2.0. So as I asked initially is there any roadmap for this addition?

P.S if I come across rude, my apologies, my comments are not intended that way, I am simply trying to point out what appear to be inaccuracies.




If you’re using Pimax Experience, the 5.2 might not fully optimized as I have mentioned, as the current SDK is only 4.0V.

Indeed. Martin will be working on this. More information will be released once he confirms that the latest SDK is compatible with PE.

No worries.