Left hand disappears

I use PItools only at this time. My left hand loses tracking from time to time. I have both knuckles plugged into the computer because the light will turn blue on one of them in a few seconds. Not sure if I should just replace the cables if I could get new knuckles. Do not want to spend the money on Knuckles if it will not fix my problems. I think my Rift S cable is bad because I see green and red small dots and the screen cuts in and out. Also sometimes I see the left hand just flote away. Waving the left hand sometimes brings it back.


Does the left knuckle show offline on Pitool? Is it connected at the time even the lose tracking happened?
We suggested you to get a replacement cable and at the same time submit a ticket with Steam Support, they are absolute willing to provide assistance on the knuckle issue.

On the screen, the left one does go offline and my computer beeps. Thanks

Sounds like it’s being occluded by something. Are you sure it is visible to one of the base stations when this happens? I moved my office chair out of the way and I started having tracking issues until I realized the chair back was blocking the bottom half of a base stations LOS.

Might be. I just plugged in the other base station because it felt like my body was blocking my left hand. My centered move a few weeks ago. I think I need to move something that is looking the new base station.

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