Lens Tool (let's talk about our VR lens)

Hi. It’s Oscar here. I’m the designer of the ROV Test tool that some of you have used before.

As the lenses inside our virtual headsets are getting always the most subjective comments and it ends up to a neverending discussion, I’m proposing a method to metering and exchange some kind of visual data related to the lenses.

The project is still in Beta and very open to whatever improvement anyone could add.

Based on the Glaucoma tests, the program will show you a fixed grid with coordinates that you must complete following some standards (that we are yet discussing). Once you mark the coordinates with the subjective result, the program will take a snapshot to share with others or keep it to yourself for comparing it with future mods.

Once you have the snapshot, you can send it to anyone else to load it and see that result on his headset (no matter which). So you could “see” what others are talking about visually.

As this is a heavy subjective tool, it will rely on statistics results. The more people agreed at some bad zones, the more likely to be true for everyone else.

So, this is the tool. No need for controllers, just the keyboard this time :slight_smile: Also, there are 2 patterns inside (distortions/aberrations and glare), but you can add your own pattern too.

Tool Lens Rov

And this is how it feels:

Red for really bad visuals, Pink to light distortions/aberrations, blue for the limits of the FOV, or whatever info you would like to mark.

Feel free to try it and give me feedback.

Stay safe!


As always Oscar your efforts providing vr headset test tools is fantastic!




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