Light leaks in the 8KX/8K+ (poll)

After receiving my 8KX the other day I found a light leak in the left display at the bottom.
This appears as such a light haze on dark bacgrounds coming from the bottom of the left display.
This is noticeable precisely on dark backgrounds, in dark games it can break immersion.

And this is not a leak of light inside from the outside, it is the internal illumination that penetrates.

I notice this every time I start steam VR because it has a dark background.
Do you have similar things? (possibly on other sides of the screen, left or right)

I would like to understand the scale of the problem, so the survey result will be interesting.

  • Light leak in the left display
  • Light leak in the right display
  • light leak in both displays
  • No leaks

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@PimaxQuorra, @PimaxUsa, @Doman.Chen
What do you think about it?
What can be done about this, why are you shipping 8KX with light leaks?

I wonder if this could be an uneven distribution of the display backlighting, or is it still a design flaw?
If this is a flaw in the case, then it must be removable.

I just did a tear down and a extreme IPD mod on my P8k X and removed part of the lens mechanism and i had to add a microfiber cloth to solve the bleed issue as ive removed part of it.

Problem is that there is a soft gasket under the lens mechanism that sits on top of the screen. If that’s damaged you will get this light bleed. If its already damaged i dont think there’s not much you can do about it other than removing the outer protection and adding something to that edge.

I’d contact support as its a factory assembly/fault part issue.


Very useful information :beers:
Maybe you still have photos to understand the complexity of the disassembly?
And what tools did you use for this?
thanks :beer:

I used this for reference. Its the flexible cloth gasket on the top picture you need to remove to access the screens/lens I used my fingers and some plastic to click it off from the outer edges. I didnt put anything in under the lens assembly, just the cloth glued on the outside and touching the screen to prevent any bleed trough.


yeah, that seems like a pretty dangerous procedure.
I’ll think 10 times before deciding on this.
Anyway, it’s good to know, thanks :beers:


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