Like the new install

Great auto-install guys!!! One suggestion for the next version after you take a break, in Revive you can click the menu button and the Revive dashboard comes up. Sometimes my HMD doesn’t switch the audio source correctly and you can use the dashboard to switch it. You should add in the capability to do that in PE. Thank you, and keep up the great work. :grinning:


Thanks man!
Regarding your request: The audio source used in SteamVR is controlled by SteamVR Settings. While PE is running, SteamVR is not, so unfortunately there is no way to bring up the Revive dashboard to change the audio source before SteamVR is started (and PE is quit).

Correct me if Im wrong, but I remember it was possible to create user profiles for certain SteamVR settings within the plugin “OpenVR Advanced Settings”. I suggest you could try to create a profile with OpenVR Advanced Settings (with the correct audio source), and make that profile load on default upon SteamVR launch. Theoretically, this should fix your issue.


I wonder if this could be the solution to my problems detailed here.

How does one access “OpenVR Advanced Settings”?

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It’s a SteamVR overlay: