List of games compatible with the FOV of StarVR One

I’ve made a list to keep track of the games that @VR-TECH has played on the StarVR . I’ll update it regularly:

Games that are FOV compatible

  • Pistol Whip
  • Vader Immortal series
  • Robo Recall
  • Titans of Space
  • Pavlov VR (privately confirmed)
  • Half Life Alyx (privately confirmed)

Games that are compatible but GPU intensive

  • The Blu

Not compatible (Requires Parallel Projection)

  • Beatsaber

Also when @john2910 receives his headset, I’ll include games that he tries.


I will think Half life alyx wont work because it needs compatible mode(parallel projection) otherwise you will get the pop-ups on your left and right view.
Just like the pimax headsets.

And that doesnt work yet on the full field off view yet…

Maybe i am wrong and he could let us know from who confirmed that it works…

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VR-Tech told me in PM that both games work lol. Just that objects look blurry in a distance.

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So without the popping in left and right?

By the way the game uses dynamic resolution,maybe he must turn it off.
There is somewhere a tweak on the forums…

Alyx does suffer from pop-ups but blurring is particularly bad on this title

Yes, I did quickly turn it on, But i did not specify. I am not really playing these games. I am mainly trying them to gather information regarding the blurring issue so I can send data to StarVR.

I mainly use my XR unit for gaming now, and the Index


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