Looks like 3080Ti has just been announced

hmm , good luck getting one @DrWilken :slight_smile:

is 12GB enough?

GeForce 30 series - Wikipedia


Yeah, and custom cards pricing officially around 2,5k$.


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What’s nvidia thinking? they can barely produce their existing cards.


I’d rather have more options of video cards that aren’t produced than less. Good to know it’s only $300 extra to get a 3090 for the +12 gb of memory and nvlink.

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don’t forget the 1000% reseller markup :slight_smile:


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for 300$ less, may as well get the 3090 and gain 12GB of extra video ram


funny thing, in Taiwan you can walk to any mall and find them in abundance. All of the cards, 3070,3080, 3090. And the prices are close MSRP


Wow! That’s certainly not the case here in the US.

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Yup, which is humorous. Youtube is filled of video of computer reviewers bitching about the lack of GPUs. But in Taiwan they are everywhere. Last time I went to the street mall.

For example, a 3090 for about $1,700 is acceptable, also prices here are in general slightly more expensive than the USA. But there are variants well above 2k


Pretty crazy that we are sitting here and starting to write as if paying 1,700$ for you bi-annual GPU update was an acceptable price…

I will sit this one out - to me paying 1,100€ (incl. VAT) for my 2080Ti was already quite borderline, I was rather prepared to pay up to 900€ for a state-of-the-art GPU. And for a number of years I ran my GPU’s for 4 years or so before upgrading again, didn’t see the need with my XGA monitor.

Problem is, VR is just so resource-hungry, and I’ve got a nice 4K monitor now, where the difference would at least be felt somewhat.


I fear this is just cementing the fate of high end VR as the niche of a niche for the next years to come - highly cross-subsidised/paid-via-data Quest hardware is dictating the most lucrative fidelity level to develop for and GPU prices further reduce the target audience for high end VR to a very small group that is willing and able to pay almost arbitrary prices.
Would have been really interesting to see what can be gotten out of the current gen high end GPUs! Perhaps PS5 with PSVR2 will be able to establish a viable standard above Quest2 level that then also gets released for PCVR headsets - let’s see.

At least the new hardware isn’t useless to the fortunate ones who got one for bearable prices. Supersampling can make old games look closer to state of the art again, as long as the textures play along…


At this point, I probably will too, even though I was hoping to upgrade my 2080 non-Ti months ago. It looks like the 40xx series will be here sometime around the end of the year or early next year. Because they are going to be on a 5nm process, those cards are rumored to be much faster that the 30xxs.

Part of the problem is shipping. Cargo ships are full and it’s hard to get a shipment through. It’s also a lot more expensive than it was (pre-pandemic).

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I have a more cynical take on the release. Nvidia figured out that the miners do not need so much memory on the cards, so they designed a card with bigger margin for them :wink:.

Seriously, I do not see any other point in releasing yet another model, when basically none is available.


I’m sitting here on my 1060 3 gig still waiting for something good that I am willing to spend the coin on.

$1200 should be the absolute maximum a consumer should tolerate, especially since we get Nvidia’s dregs anyway. Gamers are not that company’'s focus anymore.

Their bread and butter today is in the auto, film, research, and data center industries.

The fact is, there are too many consumers who have enough resources to just throw that cash away.

My whole build including the Oculus Rift was about $1200 all in.

The 3080 ti is just a binned 3090 that did not cut it, and their MSRP is $1200? The whole world is in an economic nightmare, and Nvidia is like $1200 what a deal!

That is an example of a company completely out of touch with reality. The 1060 is still the number one GPU on steam for a reason.


Problem is, their behaviour may be indecent, but it is unfortunately very much in touch with reality. The market is demanding more than they can deliver, and so the prices sky-rocket. And frankly I can see their point to a certain degree: if the cards are snatched away by bot-using dealers anyhow, who then resell them for double the price, why not collect that margin right-away ? And I‘d rather give it NVidia than the scum that are those dealers.

However, as said I will fold, not playing the game (to this extreme). Let‘s see what happens in 2022, 2023. And it would be a great chance for AMD to catch up to NVidia. But that means they need to be able to produce in quantities (and not be tempted to do exactly the same as NVidia does).

At the end I am afraid high-end GPUs are being branded as luxury commodity and we all are being conditioned to accept this. If it wasn‘t for VR I‘d have turned my back on them laughing since years.


Yeah VR is the only reason I’m looking to upgrade my 1080ti. I still have a 1080p monitor and the 1080ti plays any flat game just fine for me.

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Yeah When I bought my gtx 1080 for $1000 CAD in 2016 i thought wow this is the most i’ve ever spent on a video card, never again.

Then i bought a 2080Ti for $1500 CAD in 2018, thought I was insane, but I’m getting a Pimax an MRTV says his 1080Ti is barely good enough to run a 5k+ my hands are tied.

Today a 3080Ti will cost the same as my 2080Ti did in 2018. I’m not that surprised.

But really last september when they announced the price of the 3080 at $700US and 3090 at $1500 US, i thought, “that’s quite a price gap they left in the middle there” I figured the 3080Ti would fall just right of center between the two.

Looks like I was right. Not sure why everyone is surprised, it was so obvious.


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My GTX 1060 pc can not even handle no mans sky. Does DLSS even work on 1060?

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No, but AMD’s new “FidelityFX Super Resolution” (DLSS equivalent) is GPU agnostic and should work on it. “…according to AMD, meaning the technology will also run on Nvidia’s graphics cards, including the GTX 10-series”. Here’s the news source…