Low resolution with new .262 Pitool and low gpu usage and 8k+

I’ve installed the new PiTool release from 20/7/20, however the resolution has dropped considerably ingame despite the same settings and still have low GPU usage in the mid 30’s. This is with a 9900@5.1 Ghz and 2080ti.

Has anyone else noticed the same?



Resolution was divided by 2. 2 mean 1 old. 1 mean 0.5 old. If u need resolution more than 1 old. U can edit config and set manually. For example - old SS 1.25 now is 2.5. I dont know why they do it. Its looks stupid.

U have so low fps because u need delete old pitool 1st, delete folders. Then install new one.
Its fastest pitool ever. Even faster then 253/254 versions.

Ets2 6000×5400 per eye.
V253 - 53fps 88% gpu
V261 - 38fps 65% gpu
V262 - 60fps 97% gpu (nice!)

However 262 (and 253 too) not work with HAGS on (stutter coming). But if u have 2080ti u no need hags at all.


If u need set more resolution u can use config file:

c:\Users\ username \AppData\Roaming\PiTool\manifest\Common Setting.json

u have to change “displayquality”: if u want “old” SS 2.0 u need set 4.0. If u want 1.5 - set 3.0.
U need to reboot after this to apply setting. (maybe “restart service” also work. but i didnt try it)


What folders should I be deleting for the old pitool?

c:\Users\ username \AppData\Roaming\PiTool
c:\Users\ username \AppData\LocalLow\Pimax
c:\Users\ username \AppData\Local\Pimax
c:\Users\ username \AppData\Local\PiTool\

u no need delete it EVERY time when u install new version. But if u have troubles - it can help.
(253 and 262 versions have low fps if u using 258-261 before. So u need delete files)


cheers pal
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brain teaser of today

Also Ets2 it’s not bad!


I followed your advice and found immediate improvement with the GPU utilization. Thanks, Gared!

Was this confirmed that the SS Values changed again? Has this been seen in the resolution shown in SteamVR?

Is this the same as on 5k+?

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SS resolution was changed since v258. (divide by 2)
I guess its because some APPS cant run in high resolution (over 5000).
But if u know what u doing u still can set high resolution by config file.

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At least for me it is working very well. I don’t know if i’s the last windows update, the last pitool or both but now I can fly at 72fps in dcs really smooth without smart smoothing and at 90fps with flyinside with shadows insane and no smart smoothing. Pitool 1.25, steam 2200v and in game ss more than 1. I’m really happy with the performance.
9900k 2080ti


forgive mt ignorance, what is HAGS?
also what is Ets2 ?

The may windows 10 - 2004 update, introduced Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling (HAGS for short)… Its not really meant to help us right now, but its supposed to assist GPU’s that are struggling to keep framerate by pushing the work from the CPU/Mobo memory to the GPU’s memory, or something of the sort. In general it’s been tested and seen that it does not help much with any non-vr games as of yet. Even Microsoft said it wont help now, but might help in the future.

Although some users here have noticed if you have it on, it actually makes things worse for some reason


HAGS - hardware accelerated gpu scheduling (new feature in win10 v2004)
It can increase fps for low-mid level gfx cards. But on 2080ti usualy no fps change or minimal effect. HAGS work better for weak gfx cards or disbalanced systems with weak CPU
In other words - if ur system is not optimal , HAGS can help make it better. But if ur system already very strong - HAGS can make it worse instead. Sometimes hardware acceleration working slower than system :slight_smile:

Ets2 - Euro Truck Simulator 2


…but then 1.25(/2) is now 0.625 under 262 so instead of running at 125% you’re running at 62.5% so it would run faster anyway - or have you accounted for that? (Apples to apples would be a 2.5 setting)

Is this render quality of pitool?

That mean if we choose 2 in new pitool, it equal 1 in old pitool and make oculus game look worse really? Because steamvr sampling is not help.

i am not sure it is exactly 2 x reduction BTW.

My previous setting was 2x Pitool 0.25 SVR - resolution 4112x2588
Now pitool 2x 0.5 SVR is - 4656x2928

Does anyone see that?

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oh, i know about these I never knew about the Acro’s

SS values did change for me, yes. Sorry didn’t get back to you sooner but I left for work right after I posted that lol

Steamvr resolution scale is NOT squared. Its point based.
Pitool ss 2.0 = steam ss 400%
Pitool ss 0.5 = steam ss 25%

Pitool ss was divided by exactly 2. Ive check it.
If u want old ss 1.25 u need write 2.5 in config now

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