Lucky's tale ; Control buttons assignation

Lucky's tale ; Control buttons assignation

My Girlfriend used to play that game long time ago when I had a rift and she asked me to play again during the quarantaine.

So I’ve bought 2 Vive controllers.

Once into the game, I am able to move Lucky with the track pad but there is no buttons to jump or to attack the ennemys with his tale…

Anybody else already faced this problem with our Pimax platform ?

Thanks for your help or tips in advance.

Do you have an gamepad? Ideally an Xbox One controller? If not, you can use a PS4 controller as well with a free little app.

I’m about 99% certain that I played Lucky’s Tale at some point in the Pimax, but I wouldve used a gamepad to do so. Playing a game like that with the Vive wands seems would be very frustrating.

If you insist on using the Vive wands, you could try not launching the game through Pitool, but instead via SteamVR and Revive. This should bypass Pimax’s Oculus translation and instead use SteamVR via Revive’s translation.


Doh, pressed wrong button.

Don’t want to hijack this thread, so just a short note to say - please bring back ‘VR Roundtable’ … I miss my favourite show :+1: (though appreciate it must have been a lot of hard work).


I second using a regular gamepad but when i tried it on vive via revive back in the day the action buttons were emulated on the trackpad im not very interested the type of game so i didnt do more than explore the first level but using vive wands/emulated nontactile buttons was very unintuitive.


Thank You guys.

I understand from your answers that it will not be possible and I will need an external gamepad.