Lynx R1 Kickstarter

So what are everyone’s thoughts on this headset? I’m intrigued by the AR capabilities. Although the rumored Quest 2 Pro may do alot to steal some of its thunder. Especially if it has eye tracking and color passthrough.

Does anyone know if these Lynx Controllers are Steam Lighthouse tracked or what they look like?

I ask because one of the campaign items is for just the controllers.

Maybe they solved the Joystick and button dilemma, or they don’t know about how impossible it is to create a joystick and buttons?



doesn’t say lighthouse

All i could find on these Finch Shift Controllers

I guess it uses the armbands some how to track the controls instead of light houses. Still if they create controllers like these with thumbsticks and buttons it would probably be usable alongside the Pimax by aligning the playspaces.


Finch shift has been around fir awhile. Nor sure but think Vive Cosmos? Night have used a variation.

Looked interesting are they finally available on there own?

Seems that way according to the kickstarter.

Maybe Pimax should have worked with them instead of going in house for the sword sense.


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That’s more or less the Razer Hydra layout.

Do you recall though if the Finch shift was used with the HTC Cosmos? As I recall it’s controllers bombed badly.

The Kickstarter campain will run until November 9th, 2021, so you can cancel in case the Quest 2 Pro is better if it is announced during Facebook Connect on October 28th, 2021. I did pledge for the standard editon + controllers. The tracking of the controllers are supposed to use the cameras of the ultra leap module which is less than the Oculus tracking volume. There will be an update with live Q&A on monday: [Live] Kickstarter Update! #1 - YouTube


Not for me for now, pass

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