MAJOR: Feature Request: Variable or Lookup Table SteamVR Video Resolution Percentages @SweViver

Instead of setting 62% SteamVR Video resolution, it would be better to click a drop down, and select “$steamvr_res-percent-pi8kx-125rq-noParallel-3105v” , with ‘62%’ being substituted in from a lookup text file like this one.

Usually, it is desired to force SteamVR to achieve a specific vertical resolution, as the ‘percentages’ are truly meaningless (no really - there is not even a linear correlation between percentages and square roots of the resolutions).

Also, there are some problems with the current version of Pimax Experience tending to reset my color settings, tending to select the wrong profile, not being able to select an arbitrary profile to start a program with, etc. Of course, I know it is in development, and I can workaround this stuff.


EDIT: Apparently, there is a linear regression. File updated, use the ‘solve()’ equations with Qalculate .

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@SweViver .

Thanks for the suggestion!

Although this seems like a clever solution, the problem I see here is that I cant imagine the average joe using this (or even understand this). Considering that we have Render Quality 0.5 to 2.0, there must be at least 50 variations of these params.

Or maybe I’m just slow here. I totally understand the relation between RQ/SteamVR SS, but I don’t understand how to implement this into the UI interface so the user easily knows what he is doing?


There is an easy way to solve that, although I guess I didn’t make it obvious I intended that example to be machine-readable as-is.

User editable configuration file. Variables, and list variables of drop-down GUI visible variable names, are set.

Default configuration file might only offer drop-down variables if Render Quality is set to 1.25 (my calculations strongly show no other value is optimum so don’t bother). Any variables that do not apply to the current headset (Pimax is either 2160v or 1440v) , are not shown in GUI drop down.

Most of the variables are probably not relevant anyway. Usually the 8kX is used at a TotalSR of ~1.0x or ~1.4x. Parallel projections does not really change the SteamVR percentage needed, I wrote that into the config file mostly for future proofing.

Going a little further towards usability, such drop-down selections could be hidden entirely by default - ‘show advanced resolution lookup table’.

Cloud shared or imported/exported profiles will benefit from this much more than users. Now if SteamVR breaks everyone’s shared profiles, instead of just bringing a storm of protest to Valve, the new version of Pimax Experience can include a new default file with hidden variables. Or users can just share an updated configuration file on these forums.

Or Pimax could cheaply contract someone reliable to maintain an automatically updating default config file. :wink:

Less inclined users will just take that default, learn to work with it, and after understanding it better, will download some more extensive configuration, or start adding their own configuration entries.

Lastly, there may be some other software tech solutions to make this easier to integrate that we should consider.