Mechanical IPD. Should the image move or not? Does not for me P5k+

Serial 203
264 FW and Pitool.

Im looking for a definitive answer whether the image should move or not with the mechanical IPD on the HMD. On my p5k+ it does not ( no effect on image whatsoever) and ive seen others mention it only moves the lenses while one person has said there was a bug at one point but it has been fixed and it moves for him. I cant recall seeing it move at any point but i haven’t actually checked all the Pitool versions as ive mostly just kept it at the lowest to get a clear view. If you compare the IPD slider also that is a very clear movement of the image/stereo separation.

The image should move over the panels, when changing the IPD, to follow the eye distance. But in order to check, you would need to remove the lenses and look directly at the panels.

If you look at image through the lenses then spotting the movement could be difficult, because in this situation both lenses and images (on the panels) are moving and depending on the eye box and your face anatomy, it may as well look as if nothing moves.

Easy way to notice the movement is if you have a dust or dead pixel on one of the panels. Then by keeping it in focus and moving the IPD, you will immediately notice that the defect “moves” around the image (while it will be actually the other way).


Ive been looking to the outer corner to try and verify nothing is moving but when taking the lens off there is no doubt that it is indeed moving. Thank you for clearing it up

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