(miraculously solved) 5K+ urgent assistance required

I have now confirmed with other users that the small LED should be solid red when switched on, solid green when the connection to the PC is established and solid purple when in use with a VR application.

I have tried finding resources as to what LED codes mean for the 5K+ but am making no progress.

So as it’s stands the power LED is flashing green and the HMD is not recognized. What should I do? Is this a hardware issue? If so, is there an RMA process in place?

Have you checked Help in pitool? What does Diagnose display?

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This is what it says:

I have reseated the DisplayPort connection many times, changed graphics cards and reseated and retested the connection on the HMD end. I can pretty much exclude that it’s down to my PC as the exact same setup with the same drivers worked flawlessly only minutes before the green flashing started.

I need support from Pimax, and urgently so as they are the only ones at this point that can tell me what the flashing green LED means. My money is on some kind of internal HW failure, possibly on the main circuit board that prevents the HMD from loading its DP drivers.

Help! @anon23564932 @Pimax-Support @PimaxVR @Sean.Huang


Agreed. The only thing i can suggest if not tried already is remove all usb devices possible.

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Done that already.

I have a remote session planned with Pimax Support for tomorrow morning, will report on the outcome.

Thanks for your input nonetheless, much appreciated!


Awesome hooe it gets sorted.

Just to confirm @Possyguset mentioned checking pressing in the cable on the headset @yanfeng mentioned this to @spamenigma.

What Graphics card do you have?

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Thanks, yes I have completely removed and re-inserted the custom plug on the HMD many times, particularly because this was the root cause of HMD not found during initial setup. I had been warned by the testimonials of the three musketeers though, so that was the first thing I did. For the inital setup that worked, until the dreaded LED flashing started.

I have an RTX2080 Ti, a TitanXp and an EVGA GTX980Ti classified (Maxwell shouldn’t work though, due to DP1.2 limitation on the gfx end)


The dp 1.2 will work but remember at it’s limitations have tested it on r9 390 (don’t reccommend it though).

Do you by chance have a Usb 3 card to try? What you have shouldn’t be giving you an issue. I do sometimes have to do a reboot as it once in awhile doesn’t detect properly saying either unknown issue or dp/usb not plugged.

Yeah, I have tried 2 separate super high end USB3 PCIE cards, including the incredibly expensive Star(something) USB 3 card that uses 4 controllers for 4 USB3 ports. No dice.

The diagnostics show quite clearly that something fucky is going on with the DP connection, everything else is working.

I’m looking forward to the remote session with Pimax tomorrow, will update on here as to how it went.


Indeed be interesting to see the results hopefully a simple enough fix.

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Absolutely no idea what happened, but it‘s alive!

So @Ludx pmed me this afternoon, suggesting I should reboot the HMD via the DC plug.

I have done this about 4 gazillion times throughout this weekend, but when I got home from work I said fuck it, unplugged the custom USB+power+DP plug on the HMD, THEN unplugged the DC plug on the ‚breakout box‘, then reinserted the custom plug, THEN reconnected the DC plug on the box and whaddya know? Green. Solid. Light.

I’m freaking happy, thank you so much @Ludx even though I don’t know what exactly happened…


Awesome news. Congrats!