Mirror video/sound, performance questions


I can’t find how to solve some problems. Google also don’t help much. Please share you experiences with “Video mirror” and sound settings.

My problems are:

  1. Too much windows
    1.1) Game window always on my desktop screen. If i close window, game also closes. I think it eats my performance. I want to save my performance for the game. If i don’t record/watch with SteamVR i have 1 window on my desktop anyway (+1 window for each eye in HMD, 3 total).
    1.2) While i use SteamVR for mirror the video i have 2 widows with the game on my Desktop (game window + SteamVR window + 2 HMD eyes windows = 4 total).

  2. Mirror Oculus games (for example Lone Echo). When i want see gameplay on my Desktop i can see only 1 game window (with only 1 eye). Also sound plays only in my HMD, headphones and speakers are silent. I don’t know how to enable Video mirroring of Oculus games. This option is unavailable in Oculus software. It asks me to register my HMD, but it wants Oculus Rift/Quest and can’t register Pimax HMD.

  3. Run SteamVR games without steam - just don’t know how to do this. SteamVR always starts.

  4. Bad ingame rotation with Valve Controllers stick. When i rotate my head, virtual world is rotating smoothly. But when i rotate with stick on my Valve index controllers, virtual world is stuttering. It looks like low DPI on your mouse. (For example: instead of turning 75 times by 1 degree, it turns 25 times for 3 degree. It’s just an example, i didn’t measured any values).

  5. Half-Life Alyx, performance leaks. It looks like some errors are accumulating. When i die and load the game performance is going worse and worse, and after few times it become unplayable. Need to close game and SteamVR. If i close only the game, in HMD i still see Alyx loading screen, dissapear only after i close SteamVR too.

Please share your ideas.

Some games require being open on the desktop(well quite a few). It may use some performance but maybe not as much as you would think as the gpu intensive work is completed your just displaying a mirror. Similar to clone displays in a multi-monitor set up.

Oculus video mirroring not sure. For Audio you might be able to enable sound mirroring via sound control panel or may need a program not sure.

Running games without SteamVR depends on the game as some can run in Oculus mode. There was a workaround that worked for Project Cars 1&2 and Automobilista 2 however it seems to be broken.

Thank you. I’m enjoying my 8kx only 10 days and tested only few games.


Your quite welcome and congrats!

Edited questions in first post. Please share you ideas how to solve these issues.

Maybe someone knows how to solve these issues?

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