MODDING Thread 5K / 5K+/8K

Anyway I also asked Xunshu if Pimax would/could provide a 3d model of 8k/5K headset (.obj, .stl.) for modding purpose. Her answer:

“The 3D file sounds exciting. should be fine but need to discuss the team the method of doing so, e.g. collaborating with 3rd party, initiate enthusiast projects etc.”

This would be freakin awesome so we wouldn´t need to digitize/scan the headset to get right measurements for our projects.


Interesting . what are you thinking of making.

I have a couple 3d printers & have been planning on doing this too.
I’m no master with 3d software but have made some useful things in the past.
Ie… I made some various parts to mod the thrustmaster th8a shifter.
After looking at the vive delux strap I have a rather simple adapter idea in my head

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What do you use , blender ? Z brush core?

Indeed a 3dscan would do nicely. With seperate scan of clip in points.


I’ve used blender & tinkercad.
Tinkercad is VERY limited but really easy to use.
edit just loaded my laptop. I use sketchup & tinkercad. Its been a while lol


You should try fusion 360


How steep is the learning curve?
I tend to jump in & design & print something in an evening or 2, then don’t touch my printer for months, so I like relatively simple.
I haven’t even learned how to use the majority of sketch up yet lol

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Average difficulty and a lot of examples are given and lot of videos on you-tube. it’s free for non profit makers. For mechanical parts it’s way better than sketch-up


Agree with Frc - Fusion 360 is great once you get the hang of it. Its actually not dissimilar to using Sketchup, with the difference being you can create a sketch like a piece of virtual 2D paper anywhere in 3D space and then start extruding shapes from those (or cutting/combining etc.).

It also includes Meshmixer within the app now, so you can go from scanned objects and STLs etc into the parametric workspace easily. You can also get Fusion to call Cura or another slicer app and it automatically sends that the model you have selected, which speeds up the workflow no end.

Oh and you can share your projects with other Fusion 360 users and branch/merge versions like you would software development.

Back on topic - I’d also be very interested in playing with the CAD files for the 8K if only to make a new compatible HMD rest/stand like I did for my Rift.


would you be planning to sell prints on shapeways store etc?

I totally agree with this request. We should add any github links to anything Pimax decides to open source to such a thread.


I’d prefer to see the models released under a Creative Commons - Non-Commercial license, shared on Thingiverse. Then we could re-mix various STLs (this would make finding the various mods trivial), it’d all be open source (if the community members want it, but don’t have a 3D printer they can order it through 3DHubs/Shapeway/etc.).

Or I suppose we could use Github like Prusa Labs does?

I would assume that having the STL of the HMD’s external dimensions (quick & dirty, they can load their STL/OBJ/whatever into Meshmizxer and “Make Solid” obfuscating any clever internals that might be patented or otherwise sensitive) would give us enough to work with.


Any progress with that?


Cool, but you mentioned something about one for the Pro. Does it fit that too? I’ve never laid my hand on a DAS so I don’t know if it’s the same hinge part as the Pro.

Oh I meant to say the DAS. I’m not even sure if the Pro head strap is removable.

Ok. It’s removable after first removing the audio cables from the built in headphones.

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Oh wow, I did not know that!

Dou you have a teardown, method description? I really liked the Vive Pro’s fit and although I sold it, I might get a broken one on the cheap and compare its comfort on the 5K+ compared to the DAS.

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I saw a glimpse of how to do it here: