Modular Synth in VR

Could be fun. Releasing on Steam in December


not sure, looks gimmicky like most music/instrument related VR apps unfortunately.
the only one that was sort of fun was the DJ one.
but thanks for the heads up, I like the idea of music and VR in general,
but I have no clue how this is going to be possible in a serious way.
Probably fingertracking may be the key to get there, we’ll see…

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Don’t get me wrong, I don’t see this as any potential replacement for actual studio gear.

I agree, VR doesn’t really offer any benefit, and without integration it’s unlikely you can use it for a proper recording.

But I still think it could be fun to mess around with in a VR session.


of course, I understand. It‘s for fun, for now.
Unfortunately all VR instruments I tried since now were really bad and no fun at all.
Except that DJ one (forgot the real name) which I roughly count for an VR instrument.
But as I said, maybe handtracking may be a way to at least play congas or similar.
or gestures while hand claps to produce different sounds.
maybe a vr mixing studio where you can use faders, virtual step sequencer…something like that

virtual teremin :slight_smile:

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