Motion compensation

Has there ever been a solution to the motion compensation issue with the Pimax headsets so they will function properly with a 3 dof motion rig and Iracing?


Would Motion Cockpit View help?

Thanks for your question. Will communicate with China colleague, see if we can get the answer.

There was a entire thread on this issue earlier this year and from what I read there was no solution to this point? Considering the dof reality p3 for my home sim rig but won’t invest in it if I can’t use my Pimax headset. Seems as though steamvr will support motion compensation for the vive and vive pro if you mount a tracker to the rig. However, from why I have read this solution will not work with the Pimax headsets?

I have a DOF reality H3 and a 5K+, really cant tell if motion compensation is working but I can play fine without any problems.

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What sim do you use it on? Every individual would react differently to this subject, and every sim preforms differently in regards to it as well. It would also be effected by the settings and level of motion one prefers. All that being said, the proper setup is to have this functioning.

Mostly Project cars 2 and sometimes ACC.

For those interested in this topic in regards to Iracing I actually found that there is head movement controls in the, in game options for iracing that will alot for a 3 dof cockpit movements without worrying about motion compensation through pitool or steamvr. That being said I placed my order for the dof reality rig today

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