Motion Smoothing and FFR failing on more and more titles - anyone else?(Solved)

I was using MS On and FFR Conservative for a number of titles, but due to new problems I have to increasingly turn these off where they previously worked.

I hope newer Nvidia drivers aren’t at fault. Perhaps newer PiTool?

Anyone else? Mix of bugs and performance load it seems…


  1. Squadrons - MS still causes a regular judder at random and only fixed by game restart
  2. Blade and Sorcery - MS judder issue started since the U8 version came out
  3. NMS - MS judder issue started happening, I guess since a new update such as Next Gen
  4. Boneworks - FFR, right eye pixellated
  5. Elite Dangerous - FFR, left eye pixellated but happens on the rightmost edge. Also MS now causes judder. Not sure when these started as I haven’t really played for a year.

So I’m now accepting just running these games at around 50-60FPS with one or both options off instead. It’s mostly OK for me, I don’t suffer too much.

I guess I could reduce Steam from 100% or PiTool from 1.0, but never had to do so before. It just seems that things have got worse. I reset the GPU performance in PE periodically.

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Curious: With those titles where one eye ends up fine and the other completely pixellated; Is it the entire per-eye view, or could it be that the foveation map is not approprietly mirrored, so that the high detail spot ends up in the periphery instead of up front? :slight_smile:

…or perhaps even some wierd optimisation feature, like some shading pass doing both eyetextures in one go, as one single, extra wide bitmap… :9

EDIT: Whatever the case might be, I’ll take the opportunity to renew a feature request for optional fixed foveation maps that are A) matched to the HMD lenses, instead of using the VRSHelper defaults (…assuming this is what is happening), and B) come with a variety matched to parallel projections. :7 )


With Boneworks, the entire right eye and it’s been like that from day one.

With ED, it sounds exactly like the map is misplaced because it happens partially across the right side of the left eye, and it’s a ‘new’ problem (read: could have been there for months, but certainly not more than a year)

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Thanks. :slight_smile:

Hmm… I wonder what is happening, and at what stage; Boneworks is on Unity, I believe, and I have to assume other Unity-based titles work fine… :7

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FFR never worked well for me with Il2 (causing DX hangs requiring me to kill the program via Windows Task Manager.

DCS it has worked well.

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Hi Octofox,

You can make a ticket for help.Our tech support team will help solve your problem as soon as possible.


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Sorry for the late reply Apple, thanks I may do that.

I did a settings test in No Man’s Sky yesterday and found that Motion Smoothing is working again, which is great. It holds around 38 FPS and looks good now even with non Ultra settings, not much shimmer etc. So right now I’m happy, the textures close up on the ground / animals / plants look fantastic on the 8KX.

The only compromises I notice between VR and non-VR is reduced ground texture quality in the distance, and a bit of aliasing - but overall this is much improved compared to my original experience on the 5k+.

I can’t be 100% sure of the trigger, but the game received another feature update very recently. I also allowed an upgrade on Windows 10, but it’s still not the latest one. In addition I made a change from here, to set Nvidia VR pre-rendered frames from ‘1’ to ‘application controlled’ - No Man's Sky VR performance suggestions - still relevant in 2021?

I haven’t tried the other games I mentioned in the last few weeks, but will recheck as well, thanks.

Hi Octofox,

I’m glad to hear that your problem has been solved.
If you encounter any problems in the future, you can ask for help by creating a Ticket.