Motion smoothing status?

Hey chaps and gals any insiders know how far along or if any work is being done on the motion smoothing? Currently it’s very poor with a lot of ghosting. Like it was in the early days of VR with other HMD’s. To me in racing and fast paced flying (anything fast based really) it’s sadly not usable. It really needs to be updated to match Oculus/WMR. This would mean far more games would be usable.

Hope to hear some news.


I created a bug report about motion smoothing because for me it just creates a vibrating image in in iRacing, it is unusable. It is like the reprojected image is slightly off so the whole image has this vibration as it switches between the original and the reprojected image.



This is the biggest issue with Pitool software in my book. With oculus ASW I could not tell a difference between ASW and 90fps, but Pimax implementation is unusable. It is not an easy problem though, it took Valve years to catch up to oculus. The only consolation is that there’s something different about Pimax rendering, so reaching 90FPS is not as critical as with oculus, but still this is the area I’d like to see improved the most. And then motion cancellation improvements :slight_smile:

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This is a massive advantage of Pimax IMO and something I haven’t seen mentioned when people review and talk about the Pimax.

Pimax is the first headset I have been able to use comfortably at only 60 fps. Any other headset I have tried at 60-65 fps is like a slideshow, completely unusable for me in racing but in the Pimax there is very little difference in smoothness between 60 fps and 90 fps.

The other thing is compared to the 2 other headsets I own the Pimax 5k+ is much easier to run and achieve better frame rates even at a higher resolution and wider FOV. This part blows my mind because with my Lenovo Explorer I can only see about 80 degrees FOV but because of the distortion profile even though it is a fairly low resolution screen it needs a rendered resolution of similar to a Reverb’s native resolution for the best clarity especially as you look around to the edges of the displayed image. And my PC can’t run this resolution with the LE at 90fps in iRacing. But the resolution I can run with my PC on the Pimax wide FOV is 50% greater. This makes no sense to me but the result for me is I can see much more detail, I can see wider and clearer, it does not stutter and even when it drops frames it is still a comfortable experience and without looking at the fps display I would not know most of the time.

And if Pimax fix this Motion Smoothing issue so it can be used I may not use it anyway. I wanted to test if I lose lap time performance in iRacing with higher resolution but motion smoothing on so the sim runs at 45 fps and I see 90 fps. If I did lose performance I would not use it again and I suspect I’d lose performance. But if I can run with Motion Smoothing at 45 fps in iRacing with no loss of performance then I would not only run like this currently but that would also be a motivating factor to upgrade to the new headsets sooner.


You are right about that its quite smooth even when dipping and i dont really notice the 2fps framedrops i get all the time on mine. 5-10 i do notice and i cant play anything that is on 80 fps on 90 hz or 60 on 72 as an example. I also notice a fair difference from 90 to 64 or going from 90 to 120. Thankfully though its not many racing games i need to use motion smoothing on, PC2 and ACC. Flight sims is another matter though, motion smoothing is needed for all of them.

My main use is iRacing.

I have just managed to get Motion Smoothing usable enough for testing in iRacing. On the Large FOV Motion Smoothing is unusable as it has the severe vibrating I described earlier. I discovered on Normal FOV motion smoothing is mostly usable so I maxed all the graphic settings on iRacing and turned Pitool up to 2 to force Motion Smoothing to lock my fps at 45.

It really looked glorious, I wish I could play like this all the time. My laps times were significantly slower. Motion Smoothing also made the image slightly blurry all the time and occasionally would start to vibrate a bit worse.

So for anything competitive like iRacing it is a useless feature. Perhaps if there is an occasion where performance does not matter and I just want my virtual world to look as pretty as possible I now know some settings that mostly work.

I’m looking forward to the day there is a Pitool without any issues where all the features just work.

Also in reply to some things you mentioned. With my PC it seems I can have much bigger frame dips than you mentioned and be surprisingly smooth. Keeping in mind I have a 5700XT and perhaps that is why our experience is different. As a general rule I can easily see the difference between 90hz and 120hz in other devices. I’m even often able to see the high frequency flicker of a fluro light when no one else I’m with can. On the PSVR going from 90 to 120 is sublime, going down to 60 is painful. I can’t recall if the Lenovo switches to 65hz or 60 hz but going from 90hz to that lower setting is also horrible. Unfortunately as I have a 5700XT my Pimax can currently only do 90hz. It reports as changing and when I switch to 120hz I’m force into a smaller FOV but I always have a 90fps frame cap in any mode and it doesn’t feel any different to 90hz. But unlike you I can drop to very low fps and barley notice a difference on the Pimax. I doubt I’d notice the fps dropping to 80 most of the time. Even at 65 it is surprisingly smooth most of the time. It is noticeable but useable and does not bother me on the Pimax even when it drops that low. I also ran a PB time at 60-65 fps.

What are your in game graphics settings for iracing? When I look at the rendering times and gpu load in iracing with smoothing on it shows that it works and cuts the load and render time in half. However I run really high in game settings, and notice that at times, with not much load on the system at all, there still can be frame loss. Roughly 3 to 4 fps dips. Doesn’t make the game unplayable by any means, however it is a slight hesitation that is mildly annoying. I can cure the fps dip by lowering steamvr resolution just a little, but I wish I could understand why there is a fps dip in the first place when the render time and gpu load is plenty low enough?

For iracing in particular, IMO, AA seems to be the biggest image problem for me. The resolution and clarity for this sim is actually pretty good on the 5k plus. I have done a lot of testing on AA settings both in game, as well as in Nvidia control panel, and have been able to reduce it some, but the jagged lines in the distance are still quite noticeable. I have an 8k plus coming and I wonder how much better it will be in regards to ailiasing. SDE and clarity in iracing isn’t that bad on the 5k plus so I’m curious to see if the upgrade to 8k plus is actually worth it for this sim

For me in Iracing AA dont work with pimax If its on off 2 or 8 makes no difference at all. A little while since i tested it now so could have changed with patches.

I got another issue and I made a post on my 2fps (90 to 88, 72 70 64 62) drops before and ive tried everything possible. I just cant cure it. Settings does not matter. Its a slight stutter and mostly random. I thought i might have cured it by putting all the pimax services to window 8 compatibility that i found in another post today. I ran AC with only a few rare framedrops but it got worse again so there has to be something odd that causes it.

Here’s the other post Pimax 5k+ framedrops/stutter regardless of settings and version. About to give up