Motion Tracking like Motion Capture using Cameras?

I always asked myself if it wouldnt be possible to use Cameras like in Motion Capturing to track the Position of a Person. As far as i know this is also basically what the Vive Motion Tracking Cubes do.

In an Article about Mocap they said that it needs a least 3 low quality Cams(like the Playstation Eye) being placed in different Positions in the Room.
I already tried that using the Software iPi Mocap which is even supporting Wii Controllers and Mics.
I can say that it actually worked pretty well with 3 pretty cheap Cameras with total Cost around 20€.

The Question is now, how to bring Motion Capturing to VR? It would need some Software so the tracking could be used in SteamVR.
Ive searched some time but only found tracking Systems that include the Playstation Move.
You may know some Software for doing this Task?


I Don’t remember the post off hand but there was a post long ago about web cams to play games.

Try doing a search in webcam.