MRTV got the StarVR One

MRTV got the StarVR One

Dear all,

I have just received the StarVR One.

I now want to find out what you really want to find out about the headset. What games should I check out? What VR headsets do you want me to compare this with? Let me know here or in the comment section of the video.

Sincerely, Sebastian


Hello Sebastian.
Could you check the difference between one and two cable modes and how system demanding it is?


You can not turn on the unit without both cables. All cables have to be hooked up


Oh… Maybe I misread your post about checking multi gpu environment. Thank you.

You have the option to use one GPU, but still required to use all cables. Or you can use NVlink as SLI

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Is there any performance difference between putting cables on each GPU or on only one GPU when using SLI?

I have not tried the SLI. But Starvr emailed me on the matter of dual GPU setup


Hmm interesting. I still have 2 2080TI’s here and the NVLINK. Never really used it much cause it didn’t help much, apart from a couple of games. I guess though that with the starVR it will only make a difference if you specifically write software for it?

Also my conclusion was you need water cooling for 2x 2080TI. But if it would make a different in non optimized games with the StarVR, I’d go for that. But I highly doubt it will make much difference.

StarVR have those two cables to have direct feed to each display via NVlink, but…this still in POC (Proof of Concept stage from Nvidia end) and they are following the evolution of this tech. Only StarVR have this feature. I believe there is no requirement from the software/content in order to use SLI mode.


Hmm very interesting, will definitely experiment with that then

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Have fun with it,i like to know how you like it… I sold mine to a forum member here…


Please do a very in-depth and thorough review Sebastian. Looking forward to seeing your true impressions on this HMD. I personally would only like to know two things…

A)Does the headset work well or at all with Assetto Corsa(original not Competizione)?
B)Does the headset work well or at all with Iracing?


I will check out both games for you.


Please try the following games in this order: Pavlov VR, Half Life Alyx, Boneworks, The Walking Dead, Asgard’s Wrath (using Revive), Stormland (using Revive), Skyrim VR, Onward, Until You Fall, Swords of Gurrah, Arizona Sunshine, Dirt Rally 2.0, Assetto Corsa, Project Cars 2, Blade & Sorcery, Superhot, and some flight sims.

Some additional games if you have spare time afterwards: VRChat, Synth Riders, In Death, Nature Treks VR, No Mans Sky, Fallout 4 VR, Racket: Nx, Eleven Table Tennis, and Hellsplit: Arena.


you gave him 2 months of work :grin:


Which development platforms are supported? UE and Unity I guess?
Perhaps first compile an e.g. Unity demo VR application for generic OpenVR headsets and then generate a proprietary/optimized StarVR version.
Would be interesting how big the difference between those two would be - and whether it is worth to specifically optimize VR experiences for the StarVR. Or whether people can just use an arbitrary headset for development and get a good (enough?) StarVR version as a by-product.

Is it also possible to disable eye-tracking? Would be interesting to try this out in order to understand how much of the distortion free effect comes from the lenses and how much from on-the-fly distortion profile correction.
If the latter plays a major role, then there might be hope for the Pimax HMDs also, as soon as the eye-tracking module is available.

Would also be interesting what the device costs in production and which parts make up the majority of the price. Perhaps a consumer version with a simpler display, manual IPD adjustment but still these lenses and (depending on how much it contributes to the distortion correction eye-tracking or not) could be in the cards?

That’s quite some list :0)


Depends on how much time he spends per game lol. If he spends 2 minutes per game evaluating wide FOV compatibility, resolution, etc, then he could get it all done in a day or two.

For an expensive $3200 headset, we’d like to know how many games are compatible, otherwise it would not be your moneys worth if only a small number are compatible.

These are the games I want him to spend the most time in:
Pavlov VR, Half Life Alyx, Boneworks, The Walking Dead, Asgard’s Wrath (using Revive), Stormland (using Revive), Skyrim VR, Until You Fall, Dirt Rally 2.0 and Assetto Corsa.

Because these are games with high replayability or longer gameplay.

As they don’t sell it to gamers the burden of this choice is (at least currently) taken from our shoulders :slight_smile:

Look forward to hearing your impressions Sebastian. I would like to try the Starvr. Hopefully you’ll still have it for me to try on the MRTV experience one day. :0)

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