MRTV Live stream with Kevin, showing off the 12k, link now up (for Friday)

Find it here: PIMAX 12K - Live Unveiling & AMA - YouTube

Just putting this here as a place for us to discuss this live stream. I’m looking forward to it, finally going to see something physical and real. Ideally Sebastian would be trying it himself, but I’m guessing that’s not happening. That’s fine though, it’s pre-production units still so there’s still time to send units out to youtubers etc long before the product is actually released or orders open up.

@mixedrealityTV Thanks for doing this, can you elaborate at all on what we can expect to see?


It will be an interview. I do not have the device but Kevin will show off a real unit on his side. And I will simply do my thing and ask all the questions that are on my mind, and the questions that the community will ask via #pimax12AMA hashtag on twitter! Looking forward to this!


So they still need to schedule demo that waa to happen at/after ces.


Well, since we’re using this one…

Hopes/Fears/Expectations? It’ll be nice to get some information and see the thing physically, but sounds like it’ll still be kind of limited given it’ll just be Kev talking/showing it and a Q&A right now. If that’s it, not too much we didn’t have already aside from seeing the device physically. Would sure hope for more surprises though!


I’d really like to know more about the software side of things as thats arguably just as important as the physical device and unfortunately Pitool as it stands is lacking. I’d hate for a device with excellent paper specs be dragged down with glitchy software


I just want to know what it weighs.


After the whole “we’ll present something at CES” and then “Ok sorry, we didnt because of covid but will show something in the week after”, and “oh it were just some logistic problems, just some parts that got sent to the wrong location, we’ll demo the device next week”, I’m not sure I can take Kevin seriously ever again.

I’m sure he’ll paint a wonderful picture of the future, as he always does, but it are just words and his have proven not to be particulary thrustworthy.

Not getting excited at all.


I am excited to see what’s new for what it’s worth.

I don’t expect to see a final housing, nor final lenses nor final headstrap.

Nor am I expecting a clear cut statement an availability.

But I am, after all, a VR enthusiast and excited to see what Pimax are working on.


Is it :thinking: up yet???hmmmmm


Indeed, well, sort of. jesus.

I do not have twitter. Is it necessary?


There is also an announcement video on my channel, you can comment and leave your questions there as well.


The12K pictures show controllers with AB buttons and sticks. I would like to know if this is representative of the retail version.


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