MRTV Rant: Pimax Communcation Is Terrible Regarding 8K / 5k+

Blaming this on the 5K+ is silly, it’s only 9% better PPD, the same thing would have happened with the regular 5K.

A lot of people are forgetting that this was a Kickstarter and with a Kickstarter you should never expect more than an early iteration of a product. Even the actual release versions may be different and better than what the backers may get earlier. And many of them don’t deliver at all.

My biggest issue is really just that this was a Kickstarter for the 8K HMD as the main product and the 5K HMD as the little brother as a more budget option. But now it seems like they are both now the main products with the 5K getting a free upgrade to an improved version the 5K+ which even has some advantages to the 8K.
Basically the 5K backers now got an improvement that the more expensive 8K backers did not get. Maybe give people that are staying with the 8K an extra 100$ coupon?

I wouldn’t mind an option to upgrade the 8K to 8K X in the future if possible but I can see how that would be unfair to people that have backed the 8K X. Although in the same way what has happened between the 5K and the 8K pledges is “unfair” to a certain degree.

I can still see a lot of future potential for the 8K over the 5K but there are a lot of limiting factors like the limited input signal, the scaler and software that we just don’t know any details about.

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I think PimaxVR is doing more or less the right thing in communication.

It’s a bit weird to see so many ppl trying to get into the technical specs details while so often it’s obvious there is no understanding of how to weigh each information and put it into context for what result can be expected.
The craze for backing almost all 8k with scaler over 5k without was already quite telling.

Now for PimaxVR it is important to not confirm details in the public for as long as possible. Any competitor would just take notice and take it to it’s own advantage. Each week a competitor is coming earlier to market could mean hundreds or thousands HMDs not sold.

All that backers really need is a good review of pros and cons today with some educated guess about future potential. I don’t see what YouTubers can’t answer here, but I see things that an honest company can’t lightheartedly promise.

As I see it today there are some benefits for video consumers with the 8k for 100$ more, some potential in more details with the drawback of upscaling, rather simple scaling smoothing edges always.

Funny enough there seams to be a perfect example that higher resolution doesn’t equal lesser SDE, I tried to point that out many times before.

At the end of the day there will be many better models to follow, no reason to go nuts about that decision. Probably the 8k has a better resell value with non technical in a year or two, they currently sell way north of the kickstarter pledges values, everybody should stop whining.

But I agree to the extent that PimaxVR could package the almost absence of information a little more nicely and more often. The FAQ has more or less all information covered, it’s just a too quick read for the emotionally overwhelmed backers and critics here… :smirk:


I agree with all my 20 characters

I asked for clarification on the delivery of lighthouses to which I got the following:

[quote=“xunshu, post:32, topic:7992”]
Please at mention @Pimax-Support for all the questions about Kickstarter shipping, product progress, and suggestions.[/quote]

I sent a question to support:
“Can you provide an update for delivery of the base stations and the customised prescription frame please”

That was TEN days ago, I am still waiting . . .

Now it may be that they are overwhelmed with questions but it’s difficult to move past this and not wonder after all the effort that has gone into the headset why the Pimax team have not addressed the communication issue yet.


I have expressed my suggestion of being able to change from the 8K to the 8K X at a discounted price to the PImax management and: it is going to happen, they are working on it.


Thats great! Will people get temporarily a 5KPlus or 8K while waiting? or is this 8KX finished within a reasonable timeframe?

Thank you for letting us know. Are they also working on providing more information to help backers choose between the 8K and 5K+?

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For THAT part, I did not hear anything. But it is good that my rant was heard. :slight_smile: At least for the upgrade.


I have no idea about the details, but I am sure they will let us know.

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This sounds great, but are you aware about the recently discovered problems with the 8K panels, which might also affect the 8K X? From what I see, I don’t believe that the 8K X can only provide a slightly better image than the 5K+ because it only has 12.5% more subpixels in total instead of the anticipated additional 125%. However it still requires additional 125% of rendered pixel, because most of them are thrown away.

I hope they are going to use these new VR VirtualLink cables for the 8KX.

I hope you have two RTX GPUs for two VirtualLink connectors.

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Yeah, I told basically everyone starting from my review that I am not a fan of how the 8k looks, no matter on which quality settings. It is not their premium headset. Their premium headset right now is the 5k Plus and they know it internally as well.


Thanks for pursuing this !

The only funny thing about it is, that we don’t really know what that will bring us. In the worst case (i.e. just fullfilling the KS promise of the 8K(X)) an 8K, as is, just without upscaler but native resolution. In that case, if the subpixel matrix is to blame for the blurred perception, those who trade may find themselves with a device which
a) still hasn’t got a truly great picture, considering the immense 4K input required, and
b) hardly can be driven by any currently available GPU, even the 2080Ti.

So if & when Pimax offer such option, which would be great, they should also specify their plans for the 8K(X). Otherwise it would appear quite risky to go down that path because an 8K(X) as described above would not make much sense for the majority of 8K backers…

I hope they use different panels for the 8KX

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Well, now you know why Pimax did not respond to your request about more information about the panels.

I think the panels are ok. To me it looks like the scaler approach doesn’t work which is bad news for wireless bandwidth needs.

Most probably there is no smaller display with same resolution and price performance available today. So my hopes for the 8kX are on lenses that use all pixels even in case they come at extra costs. A lens upgrade would benefit all backers…

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Im not very good with the technical stuff but whatever makes the 5k+ clearer than the 8K needs to be sorted for the 8KX!

Pimax have some time and the number of 8KX backers is quite small so there is less pressure to get the 8KX out of the door and more time to really nail it.

Like demonstrated in the other thread (and also confirmed by Pimax), the X wont be much better, because of the fake 4k screen