MRTV Subjective FOV Comparison

Downloaded TestHMD stand-alone from See posts above


something called “subtile marketing”. You go into the Mercedes Club and say, “Hey, my spare tire is broken, I wouldn’t buy a Mercedes … but hey, the Ford looks good too, for half price.”

For a week … but yes, it’s better because the Ford doesn’t have a spare wheel at all.

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Haha, cancel culture. :frowning:

I don’t want to discuss the actual mistakes here, but I don’t think Pimax intended that Valve didn’t want to supply them. Btw, Valve has had supply bottlenecks for months. maybe because pimax bought the remaining stock. :joy:

Dear all,

I am glad that I could spark a good discussion here! :wink: All FOV readings are based on my subjective impressions until where I could actually still clearly recognize and make use of (that part is important) the virtual images rendered. This comparison is based on what I actually see in the headset and not what is rendered. The Pimax 8KX did render until 160° in “Large” mode but due to extreme curvature, bluriness and distortions in that area, I personally do not count it as usable. If the lens did not have this extreme curvature and at 160° the bar would be perfectly clear to see (like for example the Rift S bar at 86°…) that would be a totally different story. I do understand that this is very subjective, so therefore in the video at the very beginning I am saying that all these measurements are true for me and my perceptions.

Actually, I think out of this discussion something positive will emerge: next time when we talk about the FOVs, we can really think about: until where can you ACTUALLY use it, until where does it make sense?

I have added this clarification also into the video description and wherever I posted this in text version. And I made a short video for you to see what I see:

Bye, Sebastian


That is plainly the most ignorant excuse i have ever read. instead of confess the errors in testing you now state that it is a personal approach that you feel that fov is useless? What about the blurriness of the G1 FOV? i have no words. your reputation simply is not getting better if you always find “excuses”.

tested right now my 5k+ 202 Series:
158/160 hor, 124/126 ver @large 110Hz


If you going to compare cars you should compare cars targeting the same market. Ford and Mercedes are not in the same consumer space.

The spare wheel is not broken, it has too little air.

What’s the fuss , that’s a fair save lol

it doesn’t make much sense, how do you define useable FOV? In skyrim and other panoramic games and flight sims it’s beautifull and adds to the immersion in car sims it adds to the sense of speed with Pimax, would you define it as not usable?


And some manufactures only sell spare tire kits as a separate purchase.

Then he must compare the X with Xtal an VRone


And the pimax will loose.

A porsche can be compared to mercedes even though the mercedes is a bigger car

Just like the Index and g2 can be compared to the pimax headsets as they are meant to be premium products.

I’m trying to read the newspaper at 150 degrees. I see her, but I can’t decipher a word.

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I will say i enjoy your channel and your personality and your ability to somehow get interesting discussions going but i would have to agree like so many others have suggested to you in this thread and others that they may be something wrong with your preproduction unit, software or computer issue along with the other possibility is not ideal face shape maybe only good for youtube channels as your viewers probably agree.

I can only say as a long time user of the Pimax 8k and now short time user of the Pimax Vision 8kX that i do not experience any serious issues with blurring fov distortion or wobble. Sure there can always be improvements.


No problem, the pimax costs less than half

By the way, Mercedes and Ford are not that far away in Germany. And my last two broken cars were called Benz. The Ford just lasted longer. :wink:

Hah, I should become a Foreseer.
My speculation was spot on :slight_smile:

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From your video:

“…140º, and this is for the large FOV, the largest FOV that the Pimax 8KX CAN show.”

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come on. read his first post again. it is plainly obvious that he made a mistake. nowhere he states that he is measuring the “useable” fov. Not mentioning any “usable” fov with other headsets. and they have clearly blurry extreme fov, too.

He simply has to mature and confess. everything else is dissapointing but very likely.


Thanks for the clarification Sebastian. It is definitely much more of a subjective value when you are looking at it from that viewpoint. For me personally when I used my 5k+ I never looked directly in the far corners of the screen because I was more accustomed to just turning my head to look at things that I wanted to see, therefore the far peripheral vision was just used for awareness and not actual viewing so distortions and blurriness in that area didn’t matter for me. I would expect that a lot of people use their headsets in this way so being able to clearly read or view items in the far corners wouldn’t matter as much to them.