Much Worse Performance (Along with Reduced FOV) in Newer Pitools?

In case it matters, I have an 8-core Ryzen 7 3700X and an RTX 2070 Super with 16 g’s of system RAM, running the 5K XR.

When I switch from the old .180 beta to any of the Pitools with the Catalyst settings I get VISIBLE stuttering when I move my hands/Index controllers in games like The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners.

Switch back to .180 and the same game is silky smooth and FOV is increased.

Am I the only one getting worse performance/FOV with the Catalyst-series Pitools?

What would cause this and can I fix it?

I would just stick with .180 but settings like refresh rate, etc, do not get saved with that version and I have to reset them every time …

The latest version, .263, doesn’t have the GPU catalyst setting and is supposed to have fixed the stuttering issue. Did You try that one?


No–but I will!

Thanks a lot for the suggestion.


of course it has other issues like many unplayable oculus games like asgards wrath

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Pitool263 download link, you can try.

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you need to drop all pitool folder including in C:/ProgramData as it affects old pitool soft

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@MyNameIs I tried several Pitools until now, and somehow I was always disappointed after version 180. Nothing later was better, just similar or worst.
I am currently on that famoust 263, I do not have stutter, but I can not play oculus games (Asgards Wrath). The only benefit of 263 is that finally my pitool actually shows my settings (i.e. when I set large fov, it stays large even after pitool restart.) Unfortunately I am to lazy and in lack of time to switch back on old version…
Do not update, especially when old version works.


I am also on the 180 beta version , works the best for me . SHAME

I guess it’s up to your activities, I have XR & hadn’t problem with 262, but I didn’t play AW, but did other Oculus games though

I have been using 262 with my 5k plus but with the 255 firmware. I am 90% DCS and it is running very nicely in Normal FOV. Is there a reason to update my firmware at this point?


Okay, so .263 is maybe the best Pitools I have tried so far. Performance is great. Yes, FOV is slightly reduced but … DISTORTION IS COMPLETELY GONE! First time I’ve ever seen this and it makes a huge difference. AND all my settings stick on reboot.

Only Oculus game I’m currently playing is Lies Beneath and it works fine … have to try Asgard’s Wrath to see if I have the same issues others are reporting.

Apart from that possibility–this is the best version of Pitools I’ve ever used. HUGELY recommended!

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