Multiple Individual Freight / Shipping Costs (no option to bundle?)

Multiple Individual Freight / Shipping Costs (no option to bundle?)

Keen to get some insight from Pimax in terms of how many more times we’ll need to be paying for shipping and whether there are options to bundle.

So far I’ve been asked to pay extra shipping for both the Index controllers & lighthouses, then pay shipping again for the Modular Audio Strap separately. Will I be expected to pay for shipping again for each individual item again as they’re released? If the answer is yes, I’m definitely hoping Pimax offer bundled shipping as it’s going to add up quickly. Doing the math on what I’m still waiting for as a Kickstarter backer:

Index Controllers & Lighthouses (back upgrade) - $35 shipping
Modular Audio Strap - $35 shipping
Comfort Kit & Fan - $15 (assuming cheaper shipping for light/small items)
Hand Tracking - $35 (assuming it’ll be the same as MAS)
Eye Tracking - $35 (assuming it’ll be the same as MAS)
Wireless Kit - $35 (assuming it’ll be the same as MAS)

  • Total shipping $190

I’ve lucked out living in Australia, so shipping fees aren’t as crazy as some others I’ve seen on the forum. Unfortunately that still does add up to $150 - 200 worth of additional shipping fees for me worst case.

That seems quite excessive. @PimaxUSA @PimaxQuorra - can you please confirm whether there are plans for bundling or discounted shipping?

I’ve already raised this with Pimax support, but it’s been 2 weeks and I still don’t have a reply.


Hello E2E,

Could you please share us your ticket number? We are going to ask our support team to take a look at it and help you to resolve your problems.


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@PimaxQuorra my ticket number is 24390.

If you have a clear answer on shipping costs, what we’re expected to pay extra shipping for and whether there’s an option to bundle, please share it here as I’m sure I’m not the only Kickstarter backer with that’s curious about this.


@PimaxQuorra @PimaxUSA - It’s been another 7 days. All I’ve received so far is another Pimax email asking me to pay shipping for my Index bundle with no answer to my questions about other shipping costs or the ability to bundle…

I know it’s already clear that customers shouldn’t expect much from Pimax, but I really thought this was a pretty simple question. Especially given that there are many backers out there still waiting for all the items I mentioned above. I’m assuming most won’t be keen to pay for each items shipping individually.

@PimaxQuorra At this stage I’ve asked for a refund for my Index upgrade. We’ll see how that saga unfolds…

I’ll just wait for the Pimax controllers. Hopefully once they finish them in 2 years time, they’ll be able to bundle my cobweb and dust covered kickstarter junk into a box and charge me once for shipping…

Hello E2E,

Hopefully our support team’s answer on the shipping cost could make you feel relief.
They should leave a comment on your ticket #24390. Please kindly check and advice.