My 8K+ Experience - How I fixed my blurriness!

I ve had it now over a year and felt it was somewhat blurry. I cleaned the lenses regular and recently noticed the inner side of my left lens was blurry when trying to tweak the IPD settings. I ve had 5k+ , HTC Vive Pro , Quest 1 + 2 and HP Reverb G2 ( sold to a friend - thats another story ).

How I fixed my 8K+
I carefully removed the left lens and cleaned both sides and then cleaned the screen with a cleaner used for LCDs.

WOW its like a new headset. There was a smear on the inside of the left lens, probably finger print and oily film on the panel . Poor quality control…However after fixing that its amazingly clear.

Beware the removal of the lens is risky I found a razor blade help separate it almost hit the lens so do this at your own risk.

One more complaint: I fully customized the face gasket with some neoprene and double sided Velcro’s to customize the width on the sides so it fits snugly. Also softer face gasket with the comfort kit. These headsets are made for people with wide faces. The HTC Vive Deluxe Audio Strap made a huge difference and used it on my 5k+.

Considering putting up a youtube video and maybe PIMAX might catch on and help others. I now would easily put this 8k+ against my former G2 that had the wide mod on it.


I have a small opaque white streak that appears to be between 2 layers of my 5K’s left lens, so couldn’t clean it. Fortunately it isn’t in my visual field when wearing the hmd but does speak to quality control.

If you are doing a video you might consider using a small suction cup and the lenses will pop out fairly easily. Would also caution watchers to work in a clean (dust free) environment.

The Vive DAS with a counterweight was my fist go to until I got the KDMAS. That said, I like the DAS’s audio more but prefer the KDMAS’s fit. I don’t use headphone anyway. I also use an addition Studioform Creative strap for cross-support.

They also have counter-weights but I had already made my own.


Just wanted to update: The right panel had some kind of krud on it also the lens wasnt bad… Figured what the hell , I already did the left side. The right side wasnt even glued bad and came off easily. Used almost the same cleaning method but believe it or not found a quality paper towel worked best for removing the screen smear and crud and the microfiber was good for the lens. Once the screen and lenses were done the headset is clearer than even new. You dont need a clean room to do this and I am sure they didnt use one to put these together - if they did someone wasnt using gloves.


Balancing on my with counterweights isnt an issue for me. With what I did above I can wear this for hours without fatigue. The problem was the face gasket is to wide for those who dont have fat faces !!!

Wasn’t considering if you personally had a counter-weight issue. Was food for thought for your video. As a Kickstarter. I got 2 sizes of foam. Found the thin one to be to my liking.


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